Popl a handy contact sharing mechanism

Hey guys,

So I initially wanted to just share a vCard,
(Virtual contact file)
But I learned iPhones don’t really like them, and definitely when they come from Nfc

I was steered in the direction of “tappy card”
Which was marketed as a nfc business card, that you buy (20$) and the nfc card contains a url link, to a landing page that is yours… with all your various account names and contact details

Well, sorry to say that tappy card was a dumpster fire experience for me, they took 29 days to deliver, (with a 30 day return policy from date of purchase)
The landing page didn’t work like I wanted it to, and even the card itself which had a backup QR code for dinosaur phones, was half missing

So I kept looking, and I found something that works pretty great, (a few things I would like tweaked but definitely usable)


Their concept is a small nfc (ntag213) sticker with a nice logo on it, that works similar to how tappy card is supposed to work, but better

AND FREE :smiling_imp:

What’s nice ( for us cyborgs ) is that how popl works is different than other setups, you download the app, and use it to get everything plugged in you want
Profile picture/name
Contact card
ALL the social media accounts (like 20 different things)

And when your “popl” sticker arrives, you present it to your phone, and it uses its nfc to program the previously blank ntag213 to your popl link

Hmm, I have a bag of those stickers, I wonder if I can just use those instead of buying one…
No dice, well not really
Near as I can tell, the “popl” ntag213 comes with a password setup on it, the app looks for it… if it doesn’t find that, it rejects it as not a real popl

Well damn… right?

Nope, did a little more digging and there is a “public” link they give you in the profile setup that you can program to your chip, easy solution
The down side to that is, there’s a toggle to keep that link functional, if you turn it off the link goes to a access restricted page

Did some more digging, and playing with the real popl, and the real popl gets you in always, even when the profile isn’t public

You just need to add “/r” to the end of your public url
Write that to your chip and your golden

Some cool features I like,
There is a “direct” mode,
If you have 15 of your accounts linked to your popl, but only want, say your YouTube because you’re at a YouTuber convention (I assume that’s a thing)
You simply drag whatever the only account you want your chip to link to, hit the direct switch, and now the same url written to your chip will take them straight to your YouTube channel
(I usually set my contact card in direct mode, so it’s quicker to download to their phone)

Second, it lets you download the actually contact card straight to the phone… tappy would merely show you but you couldn’t save… stupid

This even gives them pretty hard to mess up instructions “tap and hold on picture to save to phone”

I created a dummy account for you guys to check out


Nice hack!

Just tried it, works great. Most of the predefined links are wasted on me though :roll_eyes: but still useful. Thanks.

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This is great, let me replace my compiled.social (not very well made). So thanks for this it is much cleaner
Just tested and works great

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Thank you for this! I just set mine up!

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I had someone share their info with me through one of these recently. Thought it’d be great as an implant and here y’all are already figuring it out. :slight_smile:

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I’ve been messing around with it and I actually was able to register my hand as a popl without just copying the url. I think you need an ndef record though because after I erased it it didn’t allow me to add it.

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Oooo… that’s ballsy

I hope the popl add didn’t password protect your implant

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Unfortunately this is not the case anymore however, for now it seems you can catch them on sale and then use POPL5STARS discount code for 30% off of the sale price.

I ordered a couple more, I want to sniff the interaction during activation that locks them.

For what it’s worth, when I looked into this previously, there was no way to sign up for an account on their website. However, if you downloaded their app, then you could register for an account for free without needing to buy one.

Not sure of that’s changed since, but I just thought I’d throw that up in case anyone else was looking into this


I didn’t even think of that, I already had the tag when I downloaded the app.

Yea the app will let you register for free
And then there is a “shareable” link

If memory serves add /r to the end of the url and it becomes the real link


Yep! That’s what I’m using now. Was able to just enroll my xNT no issues!

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Nice!, it looks like a solid system for those of us without websites.