NFC Contacts, Profile Sharing, and Popl

There is a new product I just saw advertised called Popl. It’s basically a glorified NFC tag that is marketed as a one tap way to share all your social media profiles instantly. I suppose the appeal is that there is an app that you can create a profile and link all of your accounts to a one stop shop. I downloaded the app and tried linking my NEXT instead of their product. Unfortunately it seems like they either use a slightly different tag or they are doing some sort of hate keeping to ensure only their product can be used with their App. The idea is pretty cool but I would much rather have something like it paired to my implants. I emailed the company about this and I’m awaiting a response.
In the meantime, does anyone know of a similar contact hub style app that you can link all of your accounts to a single tag? If not, is anyone on here capable and interested in making one? Can this be done with NFC tools pro? My only luck have been sharing single link per implant but I may be (and probably am) doing something wrong. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


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Create a webpage with all the stuff you want to share, stick the URI on the implant as a NDEF record and voila.

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Correct! Already done. I used “blogger” by Google to create a web page with all stuff I want to share.

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Thank you both for the suggestions. I tried both and while they worked I believe I found an answer to my own question.
NFC tools pro does allow you to write multiple profiles to a single tag. Also, there are now sites like compile and linkkie that allow you to put all your profiles under one link. I’m going to mess around with these options and I’ll keep you posted on the results. For now, thanks for everything. I am still open to any suggestions you all may have :slight_smile:

There are a ton of them, tappy card, blue smart card, there’s one with an “m” I can’t think of. Anyway, I kind of like the layout of the tappy card so I ordered one, mostly just to fund the company because I am lazy and they made this easy.

Basically with them - you sign up on their site with the card’s serial number and they create a link for you that’s attached to the card and accessible via QR or NFC. I just put that link on my next. You don’t really need the card, I put in a bullshit serial number at first to see if it would work for me, but like I said, I ended up buying it to support the use.


Just create a custom vcard with labeled URLs to each social media profile.

Edit the text in your vcard and add the following:


Use NFC Tools Pro to create a custom Data tag. For type, put text/vcard. In the data field, paste the text of your vcard. I.E.

N: Lastname;Firstname

Write to the tag.


Honestly it sounds like you would like what I use.
Here is a video I just made on YouTube. Its 60 seconds. or this

This does everything you asked for and you can use it with any company.

So that appears to be an NFC tag with a QR code printed on it, both pointing to a URL on your website, which can then be pointed wherever we want.

Given that the question was how best to share details using an already implanted NFC tag I am not sure what you are proposing? Would you be expected to reprogram your tag to match the built in tag in your sticker? Do you have to have the QR code tattooed above the tag?

Or is this just a hopeful marketing attempt?


Wow two great questions. 1st I’ll answer the marketing question.

I’m not directly marketing, I’m trying to be helpful and share my perspective.

The whole world works off of the internet more or less and the internet works off of universal resource locators or URLS’.

If readers can see this and not be blinded by the fact that I stand to gain something from sharing this information then the real progress can begin.

I can’t give away the exact blueprints to my invention but I believe that QRPOP and will work and in the 2nd answer I will tell you why. Watch the YouTube video.

If you can point the chip to a url then control the url you are in the money.

Mycontactapp provides a url for every contact card you make and qrpop allows you to shorten the url.

You could go without the qrpop device and shorlink and just use the vcard link provided when you create a contact card but I figured the would make it simpler to update and you can even use the device on your phone if you wanted to use the qrcode?

If you got a tattoo of a qrcode then just point to the same url as the qrpop main device so you can have one central control panel.

I hope this answers your questions.

I choose to share what I know in an effort to help others. I chose to help not hord my knowledge and I really hope you see it as I do instead of me just trying to make a sale?

Either way thanks for asking and not assuming. I hope this was helpful?.

I hit save to soon, please read my updated reply. Thanks.

I believe that if you identify a problem you should try to present a solution. I don’t spend my time in forums and trying to get sales answering questions or pretending to know everything about everything but I know what I know.

I stumbled across this service while doing research and I was like “wow I think I can help him, this is right up my lane.”

Maybe I was wrong? Now that you know more an about my answer why don’t you tell me if my suggestions would work?


Yes, It could work. I will leave it up to others to decide how useful this service is to them.

Thank you for answering questions, I appreciate it.


Hey this has been one of the best interactions I’ve had. Take care, I appreciate your civility.

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So on the face of it, it looks very similar to popl which a few community members here use but with the addition of a QR code which is a great redundancy for people who don’t have NFC enabled/ or and NFC enabled phone.

Although Popl you could buy a custom tag or print your own to it.

Most people here would use the NFC link from their implant to redirect rather than a sticker, but it still looks like a good alternative to Popl for the "same* functionality.

@ChrisCollinsSrDotCom, can you see any other areas where qrpop would be better than Popl

Have you considered getting an implant yourself, you could also use it in your marketing (and you would be able to write it off as a business expense) :man_shrugging:

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Given mention of QRPOP, popl and some other alternatives here I have added links to all of the similar services in a separate wiki thread. Not suggesting any one over another, just collecting options for people. I will also look at adding a “roll your own” post when I get time.

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Having a qrpop is like getting best of ios and Android.

Qrpop is a sharing device while the popl and others are a device that shares your profile with that company.

I don’t a lot of these type of threads so sorry for any ignorance I may have as to the typical community interactions. I will say I like the conversation engagement.

I have considered an implant but I will never get one. I am kinda concerned with the entire microchip in my body kinda thing ya know. I will say it can have some cool up sides.

As for popl which is operating under it’s 2nd name and others alike you have to understand what they offer and carefully consider what makes one better over the other.

I am operating under the mentality of this quote

( “Identity will be the most valuable commodity for citizens in the future, and it will exist primarily online.”

Eric Schmidt, The New Digital Age: Reshaping the Future of People, Nations and Business

In order to control my online presence I need flexibility and I need it for the foreseeable and not foreseeable future.

Mycontactapp powers qrpop and together I am able to really control My Internet Contact Address Hub or M.I.C.A.H.

If I do change my tune about getting a chip I would point the url to my M.I.C.A.H.

As for qrpop vs popl and others… there is no comparison.

QRPop has no limits.

Points of mention:

Popl and others are limited as they are built to share the profile from their platform ONLY.

Qrpop points to any url

Popl is not a url shortener

Qrpop currently has 4 urls you can use as a url shortener and shorten down any long url.

You have to have nfc to activate a nfc tag or a popl

Qrpop requires no activation and is easily updated via online dashboard.

Having the qrcode on the face of the nfc tag is simpler than having to carry a card or open the app.

The contact card file available via mycontactapp which powers qrpop imports into all contact apps & is the most flexible on the market.

!!! Popl app is free, you can use qrpop to share your popl url. The paid service in popl is free with qrpop if you want to use it.

Qrpop is like a marine and we know a marine never leaves another marine behind so we want to be able to share with any device. This is why we also have a programmable phone number which you can call or text to get my link of choice. ( social contact card number ) SCCN

Try mine @ 1-630-931-0511

Qrpop is a sharing device and so is your phone. With qrpop no phone is left behind. :laughing:

I am created qrpop because my previous phone had no NFC and no one in my family unit or close circle has nfc or knows how to use it.

I could list so many more benefits to using qrpop and mycontactapp dot net over any nfc tag but this is not the place for it. I would say check out My Internet Contact Address Hub or M.I.C.A.H. at and subscribe to my YouTube.

To understand the answer you have to agree on what is it popl provides. To me they provide a profile and a method to share the profile.

Don’t just listen to a companies marketing but rather look at the facts.

I believe we should all have our own M.I.C.A.H. a personal / business url and forward that to wherever you want. In the event your favorite company is sold or you want off social media then its no problem, you just change the redirect of the web address you own aka your M.I.C.A.H.

Go to Google domains to get your domain for like 12 bucks.

I can’t rely on all these startups who are trying to be purchased for billions.

To me popl and others are selling a completely different product and concept than what I am.

I hope this helps.

Fyi this was the short answer.


Do you want me to share my list? Where can I find what you mentioned?


I’m legit unsure if this is spam or just a tirade against popl…

I bet if @Rosco were here he would call you a semi sophisticated bit

Popl also has a qr function, it can even import into your apple wallet so double tapping power brings the qr up at any given time