FlexNExT Install - A Retrospective

I kept it elevated for 3 days and it helped A LOT. Almost no slewing at all, strongly recommend it. Yeah and also… don’t go climbing on the first week :sweat_smile: Also be aware that it will probably rotate. I’ve very curious to see how it goes as yours is on the hand too!

@Ottomagne You just created suture p*rn :rofl: It looks so great!


Since I totally suck at every kind of sports, I’m sure this won’t be any problem :smiley: I have to go back to work a week after the procedure, so I think my collegues must deal with me being a little less productive than usual, but that should be fine as well^^

My bodmod-artist is aware of the possible rotation and said that he has something in mind to prevent that - I have absolutely no idea what he comes up with, but since he’s really really really good in what he does, he might have a solution against the turning.

And yes, this, absolutely!!!

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Found out my city’s bus cards are Mifare Classic EV1s when I scanned my bus pass with TagInfo. Looks like I have my use case… Fuck. Bye money!


Wait you can clone that? I was told that because it’s encrypted the only way to get it cloned to an implant is to have the bus company enroll the chip themselves but then they’d have complete control over it.

I’d be very interested if you can get this working since my bus card are also classic EV1

It’s my understanding that Classic EV1s are cloneable, though I could be mistaken. Are you sure your transit card isn’t DESFire EV1? The DESFire cards aren’t cloneable because they have a variety of encryption and other stuff going on in the background.

You might be right, I scanned a bunch of my cards and I might have got them confused with another. I didn’t realize there was a difference with DESFire EV1 and classic EV1 though,

Yes, there’s a big difference (still assuming I’m not mistaken - I’m still fairly new to all this as well, but I’m pretty sure the Classic EV1s are the same Mifare Classics that the xM1’s are designed to replicate). If you’re interested in learning more, check out the various forum posts around about the Mifare classics and DESFires, because you’ll learn a lot more from the more experienced members around here than from me. But essentially, the classics are cloneable because their encryption method (crypto-1) was really weak broken basically completely reversed, so you can issue a backdoor command to clone the UID of classic chips. DESFires use a much stronger form of encryption (and some other forms of on-chip functionality, as I understand), so they aren’t cloneable at all. So the only way to interact with a DESFire system would be to have your implant added to the approved users list, whereas with a Classic system, your already-approved card could just be cloned to an implant and used immediately.

I thought that was the classic 1k. Honestly all these different card types and stuff still confuses me and I have a hard time figuring out the differences other then some have certain types of encryption

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Yeah, there’s definitely a lot to keep track of. That’s ultimately why it’s so important to do your research before committing to chips and figuring out exactly what you can and can’t use them for, and specifically what you want to use them for.

Yeah but that’s hard when you want one just for the hell of it lol. But I am waiting on a proxmark3 to see if I can clone my school ID and get in the labs with my implant (hoping it’s a proxcard)

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You’re preaching to the choir here. I bought 3 implants at a bodyhacking convention and had them all installed immediately. I bought an xEM, xBT, and a Spark 1. I had no method of using either the xEM or the xBT, and the Spark 1 was still very much in its infancy, and basically only served to bring up my home page and login to the forums. It took literal years before I actually used them for something lol. So I totally get it - when you want an implant, you just want to get one and shove it in there ASAP. I just think it’s more important now than ever to make sure you’re getting the right one before you commit to it - I’m sure you could find a use case for any chip you get if you try hard enough, but it’s convenient to know that the chip you get can do more than just sit in your hand until you figure out what to do with it :sweat_smile:

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yeah I know, I’ve been looking up smart locks and anything I could possibly use it for but if I don’t find something to actually use it for I won’t get it yet since technology is always changing and improving. I don’t wanna get something only to find out there’s a newer better one when I actually find something for it years later

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There will always be something better to wait for :wink:


oh yeah definitely, I’m not one of those “I’ll wait for the new stuff to come out” people and never get anything because there’s always something newer. but getting something you don’t need now and having it gather dust in a corner somewhere (or inside you in this case) then finally dust it off years later only to find out that for the same price today you could have got something even better just doesn’t seem smart.

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Of course, the only important limitation for subdermals is money since they’re so “easy” to put in and take out. At least that’s my main concern when choosing one. The idea of having an old one removed because it’s out of date doesn’t scare that much.

for me it’s less about the money and more of the hassle of removing them although I get you might just be able to swap them out with a newer one depending on where it is.

Then I would say go for it :smiley: it takes 30 minutes of your life to remove one if you ever regret it :man_shrugging:

Could you upload some new photos? I am really interested how is it visible now.

Sure, I’ll try to snap some more tomorrow.


How are the photos :slight_smile: ?

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