FlexNExT Install - A Retrospective

Speak for yourself. Out here in the sticks, if I want a small implant in, I can go to the one local piercer. But if I want a big one in, I have to drive down 400 mi to Helsinki - or wait for the body artist to come over here, which is what I’m doing now, and which is why my doNExT still isn’t implanted. As for taking either out, it’s a trip to the hospital.

Relocating to a place with 30 inhabitants per square mile has it’s advantages (one of them being that COVID-19 really hasn’t affected our daily lives at all here) but dealing with implant matters is definitely more complicated.

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Unfortunately, I’ve been unable to snap new photos - my cat scratched me pretty good when I was having to relocate temporarily, and he managed to hit right over my implant/insertion site. However, my installer ended up posting a video I sent to him of me showing off the range a little with an ACR122U on his personal Instagram. You can check that out here: https://www.instagram.com/p/CDw7og_lHAE/


I love this video! The implant looks amazing. I’ll probably get mine in that spot. I’m still worried the implant may be too visible on the back of my hand.

What color did you say you got? Looks pink

I like the placement a lot - while it would be nice to be able to scan from either side, it’s not at all difficult to flip your arm and get a read. Plus, reading from a vertically mounted scanner is even easier than getting a read from L0.

Mine is purple. The video blows out the colour a little, so it looks a lot lighter of a colour than it actually is. I would say it doesn’t look purple in person. Maybe there’s a tinge more darkness than a straight red LED would be under the skin, but if no one told me it was purple, I would just assume it was red under there.

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So it’s unable to scan through your wrist? I’m surprised by that tbh. Either way still looks like a good placement for it!

The closest I’ve gotten to a scan from below my wrist is getting all of the LEDs to light up (and that was by shoving my wrist on top of the scanner pretty much as hard as I could). I do have some chonky wrists though, so mileage might vary depending on that aspect of your body.

My doNExT doesn’t read through my wrist with an ACR122U. It does however with a DL533-XL long-range reader without any problem whatsoever. Also, it lights up from a good 3" away.

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