FlexNExT not reading - Excess liquid above it?

At this point I’m legit concerned and would prefer you have it removed. I can send a replacement with no adhesive contamination on it if you like… but the redness and swelling and pain for this length of time… it seems like a good idea to extract it and let the situation calm down. Of course it’s up to you and your doc… I am just becoming very uncomfortable with the extended armchair implant therapy session going on here via the forum. Dangerous Things’ official statement is that we feel you would be best served having your doctor remove the device.


Btw, I always wondered if saunas would affect implants (flex and biochips) because of the temperature

Mhm… I’m honestly close to that point as well, sadly. Especially since I still do not know what’s really going on.

I appreciate that a lot! Though I must admit… I think I’ll pass. I really like that chip, but I’m just not sure if it’s a tad too big and too stiff (especially the new re-inforced one) for my hand. The rim always stood out a bit, and this might have lead to what happened here. And I heal sutures so terribly bad, I’m not sure if I want to try another one of that size :wink:

Don’t worry - I would be uncomfortable if this was my only kind of therapy, but it isn’t. I got a good doc here, I got my artist, and I got some great and helpful people here on this forum. Helps to consider a lot of different things, view it from different angles, kinda. And the very second my doc says it’s getting serious, I’ll get it out. I’m okay for experimenting a bit, but not for risking sepsis, my hand or whatever :wink:


Small update regarding my flexNExT. No more fluid build up and the LF is working perfectly


:+1: :slight_smile:

But the HF is still not working at all?

edit: just realized, the scar is impressively small - did your artist bend the implant to fit it in?


Did you read @anon3825968 's Sauna thread? Some good info in there


Also speaking in the name of my wife, our thoughts are with you today.

Absolutely nothing changed… that is quite strange.

Honestly i feel you there…Since i started my own private DIY development of implants, i understand how you might feel and would probably say something similar by now, if this implant would be one of my self made stuff…
I really like how care about all of your customers personally.
That’s why i am here. That’s why i trust Dangerous Things 100%

At least some good news here. (That small scar is truly amazing! Excellent work)


Sigh. Another short update - short because typing on mobile, one handed - I’m in (a different) hospital again. My doc redirected me to a surgeon, the surgeon freaked out and sent me here. Getting some iv-antibiotics now and gonna get my implant out tomorrow. Damn… Angry at myself for not taking it out before, for I seriously hate hospitals and especially not spending the night at home…
Oh, and they took an x-ray of my hand, didn’t see it yet but my silicone implant showed on the pic and the docs were quite surprised :smile:


My condolences. I agree with Amal, I think it should have been out a bit ago.

To me, the pain you have combined with the redness, reminded me of my injury, which could have lead to a huge section of my leg skin going necrotic. I didn’t want to say anything before, as I wasn’t trying to make you panic…

I hope it comes out with no issue, and I hope you can keep your implant.

Maybe, yes…
But funny enough, my main doc told me to just keep it calm for some days. And since most surgeons who don’t know implants always want to remove them…
Well. I think I put this into the “stupid me”- category again…

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First off… Good luck on the overnight! :confounded:

I totally understand @amal’s stance on this, and if it were anyone else I would probably have been recommending the removal way earlier!

But if it were me I would have done exactly the same as you. Even if I would already have set my mind to remove it and not replace with another…

…As long as both my doctor and my artist were agreeing that there was no immediate danger, I would push a bit (i.e. waiting the weekend like you did, but no much more than that) to see what would happen.

Even if only for the sake of learning a bit more about my own body, and to gather more non-speculative data for the community.

But that’s me… wouldn’t recommend it to others… =P


Not at all. LEDs are behaving the same way as I stated a while ago.

Nope. He stretched the skin a bit but no bending at all. He did an awesome job!
You can check the moment he inserts the implant in this video (BLOOD WARNING) at aroung 0:20:

Wasn’t aware. Going to my father’s Sauna today :rofl:


Wow they deem it serious enough to keep you overnight…


Good luck with it all.

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Is it possible to share the x-ray with us? Really curious to know how it looks

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Thanks for all the good wishes :slight_smile:
Just had an appointment with the anaesthesist, things are getting really annoying - they want me to take all my piercings out for the operation… might take some time…
I’m not sure if I can get the x-ray, but if I get it, I’ll share it here, of course!

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Why would they want all others piercings out? I find that curious but maybe I’m just missing something…

Why? Stop that kind of talk. I am not allowed to talk about myself that way, nor are you.

You got a body mod you wanted. You followed directions. You are being mindful about your future health by having it removed.

How does any of that make you stupid?

Makes ya smart. Stupid would be ignoring it, and hoping for the best.


They said they might work with electricity, and that might lead to burns because of the metal. Sounds silly for me, since they didn’t ask about teeth fillings or medical titanium implants or anything… I told them I can’t take all out (since I wont get them in again myself), and they said I should get at least “most” out…

Seriously… thanks a lot for that. I had people in white clothes telling me all day how stupid I was, might have had some influence

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By that merit everyone here is stupid an I can bet there’s people here smarter than them.


Those don’t qualify as doctors then. They’re not supposed to pass judgment on their patients’ life choices.

In contrast - and this was quite amusing, considering how square Finnish doctors can be - the doc I went to to have my arm checked out at the time when the doNExT was really acting up inspected it, touched it every which way, declared it was okay, very professional, very formal-like. Then as I was leaving her office, she looked at me all flushed and softly said “This is very interesting. Thank you for showing it to me.” - Really refreshing!