FlexNExT owners; what color do you have?

I plan on purchasing and installing a FlexNExT sometime before the year ends.

One thing I’ve noticed; the blinky colors seem to alter after implantation.

So far it looks like those with purple FlexNExTs end up with a more peach colored lighting.

May I see y’all’s FlexNExTs, or any other blinky utilizing implants, lighting up? I’m curious to see how your colors have shifted!

I know my difference in skin tone will play a factor in the way my specific blinky color shifts, but it’s still irie to have some references! :star2:


Mine is supposed to be yellow. More like orange under my skin. Pretty bright, as promised by Amal.

EDIT: apparently not representative of the final result.

Oh, yours is yellow? I had assumed it was purple, I noticed somebody else has a purple FlexNExT and it came out peachy, and yours does look similar to that. But yours indeed does look brighter than the other guy, who has it on his hand.

I might end up with a light blue or deep blue, assuming the red hue added by my flesh will make it a pretty purplish color. But I’m not sure how well that’ll come out, color-wise. Who knows, maybe it’ll even end up orange too :joy:

Another option I’ve thought of is the possibility of a white FlexNExT, if a white blinky option should become available. Those may end up a bright yellow, or possibly even full on white center with a yellowish rim. But I’m no expert on glowing flesh, of course.

I think unless you go far from red hues (blue, green) they all seem kind of “bloody” at the end of the day - cuz you know, that’s exactly what’s between the LEDs and the outside world :slight_smile:

i’m tellin ya… once your body settles the fuck down, they should look very close to yellow… but until then, yeah you’re going to get a red tint on everything.


I’m not sure what you mean by settle down here. Are you saying it still isn’t there? It’s seriously dry and healed up now.

What sort of time period did you think of?

I was about to settle on light blue or deep blue with glow resin… now I’ve been reminded that eventually, the LEDs will shift to their intended color :sob::sob::sob:

I might still ride with blue though… green and blue go well together. Another question; which of the LEDs are brighter, the light blue (cyan), or the deep blue?

I also assumed you’ve had healed to the point where your LEDs now display their “permanent” color, but maybe they’ll continue to gradually get more yellow?

I’m no flesh expert, but that sounds pretty fun :slight_smile:

That is what I believe also. But apparently Amal knows otherwise.

I dunno, if the skin over the implant gets any thinner at this point, it’ll show through. I have no idea how it can settle down any more…

Yeah we’ll see… everyone’s body is different. The dispersion of light in the video seems to indicate to me anyway that there is probably still some “bloody” residue between the flex surface and the dermal layer. Sometimes blood can get bound up in collagen lattice and it takes some serious time to clear… but it usually does… unless it calcifies and you end up with a hard nub… but that don’t usually happen outside of massive blunt force trauma involving bone damage (ask my forehead some day, it’s why my right eye is forced closed a bit)

MT owner i got green, it ain’t in yet dam covid but still super excited

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I did notice one thing: the colors in any photo or video I shoot of that implant are really off, because the LEDs completely saturate the CCD. It gives an idea of what I actually see, but it’s nowhere near as gory-looking in real-life.

The lights aren’t as spread out either: they’re more dots than the huge blobs in the videos.

Anyhoo, it’s not like I’m pissed off because it’s not yellow. I actually kind of like the color it has now.

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I have a purple one implanted, and it definitely looks more red than purple to be honest.

Not sure if the color will shift any further (it’s been a couple months since I got it), but take that for what it’s worth.

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Did you suddenly feel the urge to pick up a guitar and play Smoke on the Water since you got the implant?

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More of a Highway Star guy myself, to be honest

Well at least you have the color to back it up. Me, no such luck: I never really liked Donovan :slight_smile:

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Are you saying all issues are done with your implant? There is no more fibrous stuff in it? Your skin feels normal and thin again?

I guess I feel like you have a super body if you healed all that up that quick.


You know when you get a cold, you feel sick and shit for a few days, and one morning you wake up and you “know” it’s over? Sure your body is still kind of righting itself up a bit after being all messed up by the virus, but you clearly feel like it’s just the last formality to get back to normal and the fight has been won.

Hard to describe, but my implant feels like that since Wednesday. Whatever that mini-rash was was the last hurrah of whatever my body was fighting (itself, probably). Now it’s in the finishing up stage: largest blob of collagen is 3/4 gone, it’s totally gone from the center hole, and I still feel a tiny bit of skin pull in extreme hand positions. But it’s finally done. I can definitely feel it. My arm even looks almost normal again, as the collagen continues to vacate the area slowly.

Anyhow, re skin thickness and whatever might be underneath, the pocket has been totally drained of fluid by my couch marathon last weekend. When I went see the doc on Monday and she was feeling around the implant, she even asked me if it hurt because it felt so thin on the edges. Believe me, it is very thin, very dry underneath and fully attached to the implant.

I’m pretty sure the color I see now is permanent. Or maybe it’ll shift some, but it’s not going to go yellow-yellow. I’ll know for sure as time passes, but I can “feel” it - if that makes any sense.

Of course, if I’m wrong and it does show yellow eventually, I shall light a candle, drop on my knees and say a prayer to ask Master Amal’s forgiveness for my sins :slight_smile:

do you have a photo of your doNExT in the squishpack ?

Squishpack? You mean the baggie it came in?