Flexnext problems

My felxnext suddenly stopped working like 4 months ago. I thought it was just my android phone. I was never able to get other people’s iPhones to read it though. Finally took the time to try my nfc reader on my laptop and it isn’t reading. Only two of the LEDs light up and one of those does easier that the other. I’m not looking forward to driving 10 hours one way to pay hundreds of more dollars to get this thing removed just to do it a third time, in hopes that it works. Maybe there will be a newer, better implant available by then. It sucks when people hear you have an implant and they want to see it and you have to tell them it doesn’t work.

You’re one of a couple my friend

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Yeah, the antennas on the flexNExT ended up being an issue - their connections would become delaminated after awhile, and that’s why they stop reading. The LEDs also faced issues. Amal’s since stopped offering them, and has replaced it with the flexMN - a magic ntag chip in a similar form factor with a more robust antenna connection (which hopefully should be at risk of unsoldering).

Not sure if there’s a batch running for the flexMN right now, but Amal was offering a nice discount on it for those who had a flexNExT that failed. It’ll still cost money, but at least when you go to get your flexNExT removed, you will at least be able to replace it with a working chip.


This should help you out,

make sure you contact Dangerous Things via Website
Have your Order number handy (i’m guessing you will need it)