flexNT insertion, NOT to [crushed] finger

@Nbvcxz - feel your pain, but not literally. I’ve done my share of DIY welding, so knowing the size of those thanks and the slam of one on a finger - OUCH!

I didn’t see your post until this morning, but my super stellar body art guy choose to put it in the back of the hand vs. the finger. It was more of a size of the RFID + antenna and flex concerns that we had over its usefulness in area. Man, I cringed but glad I did it where I did now that I have sound evidence that shows why the weakness in the skin.

I’ll provide details in a DM if anyone is in the GTA or Buffalo area as to who it was who did mine. Super professional and the method of skin separation!
was the best I’ve ever seen.


Actually being inserted.

After 10 days.

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