flexUG4 (Ultimate Magic gen4) is now available!


Don’t fool yourself, we’re all planing on upgrading ourselves to this point at a minimum:


Shouldn’t this be 4mm - in the professional installation guide?

  • Carefully insert the needle to a depth of at least 40mm

Nope… 40mm (4cm). The implant is nearly 30mm long and you need extra depth because the needle bevel is nearly 10mm long from point to back of the bevel, and overall you need extra depth so the implant sits beyond the incision (deeper than the cut)… otherwise the implant edge will be sitting right under the cut and basically not allow it to close and heal properly.

This is so important we laser marked our custom 4g needle for that depth.


will there be a x-series ug4 in the future?


Unlikely… getting chips is hard enough, but I’ve only found them in mob package and I’d need bare die to make x-series



Some of the FlexUG4 packaging has a lube packet attached to the outer packaging.
This may cause interference when trying to read or write.

if you create some seperation between the Lube sachet and the FlexUG4 ie. Slip a finger inbetween or if you really “have to” then seperate the packages carefully.
But be warned, The glue is quite strong.

If you dont need to mess with it, then just wait until you are ready to install




Damn… didn’t visit this forum for a while now, just to return and see that there is a nice new chip that looks… pretty promising :wink:
I was at a festival two weeks ago, and they had fancy bracelets for entrance control - checked it with the flipper and it said MIFARE1K. During the festival, several bracelets failed, so I guess they either used a cheap chip or the bracelets were just too flexible for the chip anyway. Would have been a nice idea to clone them to an implant, though I’m not sure if the festival security would like that… hm.

I’m not totally up to date on the current state of flex implants, but… what about the durability of that baby? I’m still a bit cautious about flexies… but if I’d install it on a “little movement area” like the back of my wrist or such, would it last? Like, more than a few years?


Ive been going back and forth about getting an Apex Flex for a few months but the UG4 honestly has me wanting both now. Back of the wrist is going to likely be my spot too.


Amal isn’t selling the copper style antenna implants anymore due to concerns that the overlapping wire will chafe and cause failures.

I have had mine for 3years with no issues… and I love it.

I got my first pcb flex just over 2 years ago and its still going strong.

Neither are in my wrist area though, but as a fair comparison, I have one of each in my P1 of my left and right hand,

In my opinion/ observations the PCB flex works well, but just not as well as my copper one, but the copper one is also larger and a…less smart chip.

To get you up to speed on some recent changes, the Resonant repeaters are a great new addition to the cyborg armament
Check out

They really are a huge improvement


Looks like the P1 link is broken fyi

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To get back on track
FlexUG4 is an awesome option, It will cover most HF possibilities, so if you were in the market for only one ACCESS implant, that would be my reccomemdation.
Now in typical DT Forum fashion, here comes the derail
If you want a business card sharing implant, that’s the FlexNT ( with a completely different antenna but the besterest performer in the small form factor flexes)

And your best security implant, Thats your ApexFlex / FlexSecure

Choo choo, this derail train is outta here


Thanks for updating me :slight_smile:
Really cool to see that the stickers are now a ready-to-buy product, that’s really cool! Guess I’ll stick one to my phone in a while :wink:

And it’s good to hear that the PCB flexes in general are reliable… guess a wrist placement will get less movement compared to p1, so if you’re fine, I’m possibly gonna be fine as well. :wink:


I have my apex installed 3 cm away from my wrist on my right forearm. Installed 1 year ago, woks great. Unfortunately the location is great for phone read/write, but it’s horrible for readers. Therefore I decided to just grab two more and stick them in p4 on both hands, plus the ug4 at p1/2 at my left hand.