Flipper Zero detects Magic Ring v2 as not-MiFare

This is wrong card:

ISO14443-4a (Unknown)

Trying to write a MiFare Classic 1k payload to the Magic Ring v2 and it says it’s the wrong type of card. Did I do it wrong?

Try using the magic app for the flipper. I got weird results using the regular NFC functions

The first screenshot is from the magic app, the second one is from the NFC detection :confused:

The MCT app for Android also sees it as the wrong type

The magic ring V2 is a gen1a chip which requires a magic back door command to enable sector 0 writing. This is not what MCat supports since the Android can’t send the backdoor command. I’m not sure about the flipper but could be the same issue.

Read the whole thread (its only 8 posts) theres a short cut method, but youll need the full context

Hmm these steps didn’t work. I was able to read the ring as “MIFARE Classic Mini 0.3K” but no keys or sectors were read :confused:

The strange thing is that the stock magic app doesn’t even register that the ring is there. I tried to sort of fake it by modifying some code, or tapping on a known magic MiFare Classic 1K and then the first, but no dice

MCT should still detect a gen1a as a mifare classic even if it cant write to it. The sak and atqa are off for a mifare classic too. I would say run this through taginfo to what its coming up as. Otherwise try and give it a format through tagwriter or nfc tools. I’m sure the usual suspects can come up with the necessary proxmark commands.

The atqa 0008 and sak 20 don’t match for a mifare classic. Haven’t seen that SAK before but according to this datasheet the SAK coding is for a Mifare Plus or Mifare Plus CL2. You didnt by any chance miskey the atqa instead of the sak using other software or proxmark?

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