Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR


The article is lacking

Maybe that’s what the Kia boys in Wisconsin are using?

I joke, or do I? :thinking:

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I’m not sure when it was rolled out
I only noticed this a few days ago:
I’m not sure how many people would be interested

Gallagher is now supported on the Flipper Zero

Gallagher is pretty common in NZ and Aussie, but they can also be found in a few other countries albeit less abundant

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What is it?

example read


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Sorry, I should have mentioned,
Gallagher also do HF including multiclass readers, but in the example above, that was an LF card that I scanned and it was in the Flipper library.

Apparently around the end of August to the start of September, But again, I’m not sure how many people would be interested.

There’s hope I suppose that there isn’t a bigger problem… and possibly more likely that government red tape just sucks

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Good news, now if PayPal can just give back what they stole they’ll be in a good position

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Is this a native feature in the Flipper?

If you enable debugging mode in the settings menu

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I don’t have flipper yet but I like to pop by here because I currently watch LinusTechTips live stream and they are going to make a video about Flipper some time in the future. Said that they need to test it for some time so they can convey all the things that it can do. (That’s what I understood at least) :grin:

Sorry no timestamp because it was like an hour ago and I needed to read 150 messages here first :joy:

my faith in linus hinges entirely on how accurate his info on the RFID/nfc portion is. as his stunt with his little hacker bag was less than informative and more fear tactic


I hope Antony writes and is the main host on that video because he seems to be go on these types of niche videos and has done great.

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i wish they’d extend an olive branch to the rfid dev community and ask for our input / to fact check shit i know a laundry list of people who would jump at the chance to have correct documentation there

I’ve tried to reach out to them, and they are publicly interested in implants, but problem is I can’t reach anyone to push it along

Idk, the forum and their community soured me quickly

I still respect most of his takes and work, I can understand why he cuts certain corners rather than getting lost in the weeds…

Rfid is tricky though…

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rfid is tricky but its not hard to avoid actual bullshit like fake claiming brute forcing and credit card emulation that’s rampant on tiktok

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Looks like we might be getting some nfc write support, I’ll settle for mifare classic for now since I can write ndef with my phone

Haven’t gotten to mess with it yet,


That is

200 (15)
200 (11)


Now if I can just figure out
How to crack a mifare 1k reliably
Get my Xm1 to read reliably



Good news regarding NFC (read/write/display) compatibility! Looks like they’re looking to the community for help here.