Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

Pretty sure it just overrides

But, yolo?

It overrides, but since the flipper can update itself now, there’s nothing stopping you from having multiple firmwares / versions on your SD card and switching between them on the fly as needed. I keep both the official and RM firmwares on mine and it’s super easy to switch between them


When I went from stock to unleashed, it took 3-4x as long

Probably not useful on the fly, but I’ll give it a shot whenever I unpack and dig out my flipper

Weird. I just tested it by going from stock to RM. Took about 45 seconds from when I hit install to when it showed the success screen

Give unleashed a shot, there’s a lot of goodies in it

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Not worthy of its own thread, but still maybe worthy of a share. :man_shrugging:

I had a play with this a little while ago, but didn’t document it.

In short, You can control basic emulation “remotely” with a smart watch.

A picture paints a thousand words…here’s 6000 words

Here’s some screenshots from mine




Additional settings


I prefer using Unleashed TBH - I find that RogueMaster always runs super slowly, at least on my F0.

It’s all that Bitcoin mining is doing

Fwiw, I didn’t see this mentioned but I’m sure flipper owners are following

Looks like some magic mifare support?

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I’m constantly torn, I like the stability and rfid stuff for flipper firmware, but I love all the apps on unleashed

I think You can install apps independently but I haven’t figured that out yet

Yeah buddy you can, It would take me a bit of time to write up a guide which I dont have to spare at the moment; Plus, easier to show on and put together on a PC, which I am away from right now ( and another few weeks )

However, I can try and point you in the right direction, then see how you get on, and if you get stuck, I (or somebody else) can try and get you back on track.

There are a couple of ways you can do this, I’ll start you on an “easy” way, but its not the most convenient, but also not a big deal.

Go to your Github of choice,
here is the one I linked to in the Flipper OTA thread ( I haven’t found a better Git, but also not needed to…there could be other good ones out there :man_shrugging: )

Find the “App” you want to add to the flipper
Example here is Minesweeper :golf:

Follow the link

I would preferred to have done this on my PC to confirm the process for you, so apologies if I miss something, but hopefully you should be able to work through it yourself if I fuck this up

After this, you have a bunch of different options / sequence of events you can follow, here’s one:

Download ZIP

Extract the content

Now again, either unmount your SD card from Flipper, OR use qFlipper

I like / prefer to use qFlipper, except when transferring many flies eg. IR library

Either way

Put your extracted Minesweeper folder / files, into your game folder, just follow the file structure that should already be inplace.

That SHOULD be it!!!
Disconnect qFlipper ( or use the on screen control ) or put your SD card back into your flipper, (you may need a reboot?)

Then you should be up and running
Bob’s your uncle, Flipper’s your aunt :flipper:

Now your’e playing minesweeper

Any other sort of apps are basically done the same way, if they are different, just follow the file structure already in place, and that should be good for :man_shrugging: 90% of what you want to do

Help it helps,
Sing out if you need a further hand

Good luck


Got my flipper today. Can’t wait to play around with it! :grin:I Need to find my old RPi to get SD card and update it to get up to speed.


I think when you install Unleashed all the stock apps are still there, but not 100% sure. I haven’t noticed anything missing on my F0 at least.

I reinstalled stock, with the new magic mifare support,
And it removed all the unleashed apps that I enjoy

Controversial opinion, I hate the graphics on unleashed

I like anime, but it kinda looks trashy on the flipper

The flipper app added an “apps” section



But wait, Theres more


Dun dun dunnnnnnn

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Just thought I would throw together and add on to my previous post

I am STILL loving this little tool / toy

I went away for a week and of course I had my flipper with me.

2 of the places I stayed at had 2 different LF Access systems

I didn’t take photos of the fob. Typical Black KeyFob

The first was an unbranded EM41XX reader

Written to my NExT

I didn’t take photos of the fob. Typical Black KeyFob

Branded Paradox

Written to my NExT

Nothing really useful, but still thought it was worth the share.

Another win for Implants :next:
Another win for Flipper :flipperzero_white:


Here’s some updated info on that “nfc field only” feature I requested a while back… but more importantly an explaination of why debug mode can be dangerous

“ As @djsime1 said, this has already been implemented.

However, leaving the field on for a long time (more than 20 minutes) actually can damage your device, as the ST25R3916 NFC chip is located directly under the battery, and leaving it on causes it to heat up quite substantially, which unevenly heats up the battery, which is bad for its health and longevity.”

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Hi everyone! Just wondering if the flipper is capable of writing onto an NeXT implant, not the NFC part the RFID part.

Thank you!