Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

the titties mentioned are from a different, unrelated repo that replaces all dolphin imagery with soft core → hardcore pixelated porn.

this repo just so happens to include some features also present in roguemaster

Hahaha I know. Dolphin titties was a joke.

What are you saying with that? He’s copying another repo or he worked on that repo as well? I’m just curious.

i’m saying clara, the creator of the titty firmware includes stable versions of content that is also present in roguemaster. like the picopass reader

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Got my flipper about a month ago and quickly got sucked into the RFID and NFC rabbit holes leading to my first implant I had placed yesterday (NeXT) and thanks to all of the info in here was able to clone my work badge(HID) successfully onto it with my flipper a few minutes ago!


I have not read this yet, just sharing the link.

I know it will be click bait, but there may be something interesting…unlikely but :man_shrugging:

Well I mean it’s dead simple… every hacker here knows if you flash a light at 20hz it will trigger the optical sensor on the lights. It’s why ambulances and fire trucks have those strobe lights on top.

So if you output a simple 20hz oscillator pulse from anything… I guess a flipper zero gpio pins count as anything… it’s dead simple.

… Aaand after reading the article, that’s exactly what they doing


And it is also illegal. I actually got to talk to one of the municipal workers about that once and he said they were actually moving to a more complicated system to try and prevent that.

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The ones in the article, and many used today, use more complicated IR signals rather than just a blinky light

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I think in europe they already use a more complicated system for this but some traffic lights also don’t support it. It partly relies on people knowing that if there is an ambulance with flashing lights to let it pass. Over here they have to get approval to use “Sonder signal” (blue flashing lights and siren) from “Leitstelle” (the place that leads all the affords of ambulance, fire brigade etc.) over radio so if they turn it on it’s urgent.
Anyways… no matter where you are it’s likely that messing with traffic lights even over built in systems is heavily fined if you’re caught.

I just updated my flipper to the latest Flipper-Xtreme(released 1 week ago)

A nice surprise with a tile GUI

the menus behind it are the same list style, BUT there are a few other new (to me) features

Just FYI

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I’m on Unleashed but I’ll give a try to that one.

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SUCCESS!! Traded a Mewtwo from my Flipper to my GBC! Unfortunately their levels are all 75 so I can’t use them until I get more badges but still awesome. It would cool if we could choose their levels before trading.

Here is the guide that I used:


They responded:

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I was so confused, I thought you traded it FOR your flipper

Bad deal no Ty lol

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New firmware to increase batterylife


Awesome. Thanks for the news.

And the Xtreme firmware already has this implemented.

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Awesome. Thanks for the news.

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I did the same thing, I think its because of how our brains look at patterns for reading rather than actually reading word for word. I also skim things a ton so I’ll see something like that, think it said one thing, realize it’s not correct, skim it again a little slower, get more confused, finally I’ll slow down and read it word for word understand what they were trying to say, then reflect on the amount of time that was wasted trying to take a shortcut instead of doing the thing the right way the first time


I just installed the newest versions of the roguemaster firmware and the xtreme firmware. The roguemaster firmware seems to recognise hitag transponders now but it seems like it can’t read it yet which is likely why it’s not implemented in extreme yet. I’m positively surprised though sibce i seem to remember somebody saying on a forum that hitag won’t be possible to support with current hardware.

I haven’t checked much else yet though