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Blink with glow is very firefly ish!

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Epic as usual

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That is awesome!!

Didn’t see this posted anywhere but someone has made a Flipper Zero impersonate an Opticom emitter, turning traffic lights green.

Damn it of course you were way ahead on this


Chatgpt ain’t got nothing on our AI


Good news, ATF approved my SBR. That was surprisingly quick for a government entity… 30 day turnover time.

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Still waiting on mine

Not that you can count on control numbers, but I’m overdue

This thing looks interesting:

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Magnets that look like tacks, perfect for freaking out your meatbag friends!
s-l400 (1)


An interesting answer to conspiracy theories and religion coming from someone in a different scientific field (also a pretty good channel if astronomy is your thing):

Just in case timestamp is 33:00


“what is driving you to get to this point?”

the answer exists - check out “flight from death: the quest for immortality” documentary made by a good friend of mine. In short, science is threatening their eternal souls by shaking belief in the system of religion… that’s why it’s so terrifying for them and they go on the attack to defend their immortality.


At a deep level, I think your body knows you’re taking a risk and is setting off alarms accordingly. When I worked in plasma I would often donate as well. Any time I got stuck by anyone, didn’t matter if it hurt, they had to adjust the needle, etc. never flinched just isn’t something that bothers me, but the first time I was allowed to do my own venipuncture my vision went blurry for a second, I could feel my heart in my chest, and just felt sick for a few seconds. It quickly passed, and I was fine and able to donate without any issue, but still my body seemed to have a knee jerk reaction to me performing the procedure on myself vs the 100s of times I had been stabbed with a 17g needle before without issue.

And my body isn’t used to it - I think that’s important as well, because I have damaged my body by myself for quite some time without having these effect. But bruises, cuts, whatever happen during “normal life” as well, so my body knew there was a kind of damage, but also knew how to deal with it maybe?
Pulling sutures was completely new for me until 1.5 years ago, so maybe it takes another 10-20 implants until my body is okay with it :smile:

Oh hell I found a new toy…

Playing around with Midjourney a bit, because I had the idea of creating some pictures to base my next tattoo on - simply because I can’t draw at all, and it’s hard to give the tattoo artist an idea of what I think of :wink:
So it’s not like “this is gonna be my tattoo” but rather “okay, that’s the general feeling I’m looking for”…
Buuuut - I’m too stupid for that program. I’m looking for a picture of R’lyeh, gloomy, giant underwater city, strange architecture, you get the vibes. That’s what I get (and it’s pretty good!)

I’m almost happy with it, but I want the city to be spread out to the sides, not a vertical “tower” in the middle - how can I convince the AI to do that? For the above picture, I already used things like “horizontally spread out city” and all that, but except for a few added buildings to the sides, it didn’t really do what I wanted…

Has anyone used a prototyping company? I have some ideas for some tower climbing gear but don’t have the tools to build them. I’ve seen some companies advertising prototyping and finding manufacturers to build the product, but this is all new to me, and their sites seem a little vague. I can get the material, but don’t have access to molding equipment or sewing machines or cnc machines. Also don’t have the time to hit up a maker space with these 60+ hour work weeks.

I can’t help with your AI question, but I love the pictures generated, and also the Chtulhu myth and everything Lovecraft.

Have you tried simply asking for it to put the city buildings on the sides of the picture?

Lanscape not portrait

wide perspective

16:9 ratio

1920 ✕ 1080

wide format

wide angle