The anti🚫-derailment🚃 & thread🧵 hijacking🔫 thread🧵 ⁉



That’s cool and all, but I already have my own pick and place machine =P


I’ve thought of getting this Opulo really cool YouTube channel that shows how they designed it all.



Or just use a bit of aeronautical jargon and claim that whiskey is calling…


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LTT also did a video on the flipper today

Fairly neutral but does put it on Karen’s radar in a way

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Anybody see the Flipper Zero review by LTT?

It wiped out stock in the US (I think, or it was just sold out already, IDK). I’ve been considering one for a while to toy around with stuff, but never got around to saving for it (money went to other, more immature things XD)

I really want to get one too. I was even following their crowd funding but it feels like one of those things I will play with for a week and then forget about or use once a year.
I would get one with no hesitation if it was 20$ but with the current price I’d rather put money aside for a titan.

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If you have any LF or mifare it’s super handy

Like… if it wasn’t for a few things I’d throw my proxmark in the trash


Totally agree…

Mr Magnet should really have a TiTAN

Not a shameless plug for him.

Buy his damn book you magnetos

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Haha, I’m old school, parylene coated !
But the titan is on my list. Not sure which finger to put it in though as my favorites are taken

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the only things I still use a Proxmark today are to try and check a tag that neither my $2 chinese cloning gun nor my phone can get any read from.

Usually neither can the Proxmark, though… so I question the wisdom of my ways! :rofl:

Usually my flow goes: Phone/cloning gun > Flipper > Proxmark > Shrug :unicorn_i_dont_know:

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Complete shot in the dark

Anybody willing or able to resolder a micro usb connector on a board?
I know my solder skills and this ain’t it

Bought an expensive lightsaber like a nerd and managed to crack the usb on the very hard to get replacements for board

Had it all of a week… this is why I can’t have nice things

Excuse me while I go sulk


Willing? Yes!

+1 to that! =(

Sorry to hear! :pensive:

There’s a cell phone repair shop near me… gunna try that

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That’s a good option, also people who repair game consoles is another starter for you.

A maker space could find you a compatiable solder sabre weilder.

An Electronics Enngineer student etc.

Once its repaired, you might want to consider a magnetic charger so there is less stress on the usb

What sort of lightsabre is it?

Pics? :slight_smile: