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Ultimate works Bors lightsaber

It uses a micro usb port for arduino programming off the bare board and is poorly supported and the battery can put pressure on also

I’ll take some pics when I wake up, I just crawled into bed

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I lied

The 2 middle pads that look broken I think are just anchors? Besides that Looks like a clean break that just needs reflow?

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Worst case scenario, just swap out the board

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in theory you could use hot air… place the component and use a little metal alligator clip or clip of some nature to hold the usb port part where it needs to be, then aim a hair drier on full heat, low air flow at it with a little paper nosecone to direct the hot air… or find a shop that can do hot air rework or plain ol’ soldering.

I think the problem would be the software on the board… is it user loadable?

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Repaired after a little run around

Excuse me while I go shame myself
…this is why I don’t deserve nice things etc

Yea the board is setup with arduino for motion controller and sound and led… I’m sure you can reprogram a brand new one… but that could get tricky for me… I’m still learning just how to add effects and stuff


Question for anyone who knows…, what’s up with walletmor being sold out ? No re stocks ? :man_shrugging:t2:

US or EU? the US stock is waiting for a new chip run with descent expiration date… the EU stocks should still be available.

Oh that’s great news because I live in the U.S :us:

Feel free to name drop, with Country, City, Piercers contact details.


This garage has more equipment than a small country



I think I got some fiberglass in my hand thanks to PCB v-grooving…

While I do want to have FR-4 in my hands, and in my body in general, I don’t want it like this.

Gosh, I wish that the technology required to make decent and useful metal hands was available. At this rate, I’m going to need an xRobotBody…



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Sorry, but I’m asking for at least this:

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This might not be decent and useful but it’s definitely badass and useful


not quite as hardcore mechanical… but still awesomeness…
everyday I get a little more ok with an accidental dismemberment

also I really want a fucking bambulab x1 carbon now…
I legit might drop the money on one come end of the year bonus time…

also I’ve been seeing and contemplating trying metal plating of 3d prints such as this

I can’t think of a better project that the automail arm to metal plate


Edward Elric wears gloves to hide his metal hand…

And DT forum members look for ways to keep their blinkies powered at all times.


Okay just a though… Let’s assume that in a couple thousand years physical archeology has not been replaced by long term media storage and more reliable archive. Then presumably some of our bodies will be dug up and studied. And we will be some of the very first humans with recreational implanted tech.
It’s kind of a big deal when you think about it.

That’s of course assuming that there is any point in in-the-field archeology in a world where information is much better stored. Or maybe information is not as safe as we think… What do you think?

You could also say we don’t have to rot in the ground and be dug up for it to be a milestone but we are not in position to understand how impactful this will be in the future. Future historians will.


Rushing Robotics

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