Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

Being for WiFi, it’s unrelated to our implants,

But the Flipper has GPIO headers, and combined with the WiFi Dev board you can interact with WiFi things, like controlling your Smart home IoT things etc
De-auth Attacks
Packet capture.

A quick serch on the interwebs should yeild you a great many more answers.

There are also Proto boards that utilise the GPIO headers, for a bunch more projects, again, easily googlable

Some mods are also possible

Thanks for that. I have searched through the web and found some great information :slight_smile:

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There are some modules for the Flipper zero that adds Wi-Fi.

This one for instance : https://www.tindie.com/products/eried/mayhem-v2-for-flipper-all-in-1-espcamsdnrfcc/
But damn it’s f*ing expensive! :expressionless:There are cheaper solutions though, but not as integrated.

And the Wi-Fi Marauder firmware does all the Wi-Fi support :

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I don’t get the camera on all those modules … Is it just lazy devs that want click bate for the most option on the board?

I’d rather a smaller board than a gient one sucking battery with lots of useless stuff…

i posted easlier about a group order for the Multi-board. it has everything as that board except the camera but adds the pins for Sentry Safe decoding. the boards and all the parts should be here in a week, and ill be building them for significantly less.

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Interesting. I wonder what it does with the 2 linked together. I always fancied a PowerGlove.



Great, now I want one!


Yeah. And I’d love to get more details but apart from pics, not much was divulged.
The guy who did it is on Twitter/X (can’t get over the stupid name change) : https://twitter.com/Lamp_Sec

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Typical fearmongering : Feds Fear Flipper Zero Use By Far-Right Documents Show (dailydot.com)

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The flipper has about as much impact on the power grid as a semi loaded with sand. While I don’t agree with what they’re saying, I feel the emotionally charged words and worry about the impact that could have for folks like us just having fun to ourselves.


Folks what cfw you’re running on your flippers?
Mine right now is on unleashed, but I am really tempted to look into roguemaster and extreme.
Any pros and cons I should be aware of before I waste few hours in flashing and playing ?

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  • Stock Firmware
  • Unleashed
  • Xtreme
  • RogueMaster
  • Other

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Borrowing your question and turning it into a poll :classic_smile:


I don’t do a ton with my flipper, mostly cloning a card here and there. I run stock, but I have tried xtreme (I do plan to go back once I get my RGB backlight mod set up) but it did crash a lot just sitting on my desk.

It is worth noting that the xtreme firmware includes both unleashed and rogue so you get the best of all the worlds:

Note: This repo is always updated with OFW, Unleashed & Rogue. No need to mention all those here.
GitHub - BadException/Flipper-Xtreme: The most advanced Flipper Zero Firmware. With custom animations, an interesting twist to the boring level system, clean / stable integrations of new applications and a lot more.

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Xtreme hasn’t been updated in a month however, while the other firmwares have evolved and followed the original firmware updates.


I run unleashed. They are the just responsive for big fixes and maintain the master really well


That’s why I choose them as well. Very well maintained code base, decent release cycles, fast bugfixes, etc


both valid points; however, for me, I have found Xtreme tends to only load things that are stable.

Which I personally prefer


I feel like Xtreme is just very outdated and not well maintained. They had, and still have I Believe, an old bug where there’s a memory fault on sleep that makes it intermittently crash. I’ve had no crashes on unleashed unless I was doing some dumb flashing cus gpio

Interesting, I’ve NEVER experienced this myself and Ive been using it for a while (pretty early adopter), I do turn mine off when not in use though, so maybe thats why :man_shrugging:

early on, there were frequent updates, they have been less frequent of late, I assumed because they have found and removed most of the bugs fom the unleashed and Rogue.


  • I started on stock
  • Tried unleashed
  • Tried Rogue and stuck with that for a while
  • Tried Xtreme, and found it sooo much more reliable with unstable apps removed, just a better experience all around.

Curious as to what is missing from Xtreme that the others have!?
If it was worth it, I would side load it and likely stick with Xtreme.
I’m open to try the others again, but I just haven’t found a reason to go back…yet