Flipper Zero - Kickstarter RFID/RF/BLE/USB/IR

I tied it this weekend, it’s not bad but I am still going back to unleashed.
From what I see xtreme wont be any more and it will be replaced with momentum.
Speaking of which I was looking for a dictionary with em410x UIDs. ( in case someone has one please share), tnx.
Wasn’t able to find one, thus I was thinking to write something in order to generate the UIDs for a fuzzing experiment withe educational purpose.
As usual before writing I’ve decided to look around if some good soul did it before me and I found this.

it creates a dictionary with random UIDs which is flipper and pm3 compatible.

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Xtreme and Momentum has a em4100 key generator under apps then RFID

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unleashed also do have the uid generator app.

That wouldn’t stop me, hypothetically…

Although if I was Canadian, I’d probably be looking for another place to go…