Forearm implant location?

oh, Makes more sense.
Then… have you considered that heavy/winter coats might prevent you from reading it there?

Although if it’s mostly for testing purposes, should be fine.

Yep, that makes sense!

Still, I was hoping to hear something weirder, like “I got one of those single wheel bikes and want to put the ignition control there”… :joy:

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Dam, you crack me up! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m weird, but not THAT weird :rofl:
And I live in a warm place … I don’t want to stay more than a day or 2 in a place I need a jack t outside :sweat_smile:

Out of curiosity, any implant support FIDO2?

The Apex and FlexSecure ones do.
The Spark doesn’t afaik.

Magnets pretty much worthless in its current location

I can’t speak to all arms, but I also tried middle of the arm also with a xg3v1… there’s more tissue and thicker skin, and very little “pushing it” against the skin from underneath… so it tends to be a very deep install

And the magnetic curve… there’s little to no useable force left… I can barely get a paperclip to stick… I would imagine a chip would be a very hard read

Luckily my ear buds have a magnet on them, so that helps with the magnetic force a bit, but still not what I want… so I can lightly stick my earbuds to my arm… but not securely

Kinda a failed project, but nothing ventured nothing gained

I use the spark 2 and the xNT as storage for a for links,… came in a bundle (and gotta catch ‘em all) so I wanted more “slots” even if they aren’t as useable

I believe my xNT is a copy of my vax record, and I think the spark 2 directs to a copy of my drivers license… not technically official but it’s helped in a pinch

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You’re right, thanks for trying it out and letting us know :+1:
I love the idea of a magnet, but I’m a bit reticent about the lack of compatibility with MRI … I just don’t want to have to worry about it …

I like the inner arm more and more for the Spark2
I thought I would use my V-card a lot more, but customers are not to receptive about pulling their phone out and scanning my hand :sweat_smile:

Now … Parallel or perpendicular to the arm?

  • Parallel
  • Perpendicular

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If you want to scan perpendicular do a flex


I think it was a result of a self install,
I’m quite happy with the orientation and location, Only issue I have is carrying bags or a motorcycle helmet can dig into the chip and cause slight irritation.

Thanks everyone for the help, I have a much better idea of what to do, and how to get it done :+1:
Thanks y’all


Were your glassies installed by a ksec partner or you managed to find an installer yourself?

I had been saving two xnt implants to place in my forearm. I mentioned it to the installer when we were chatting by email and then when i get there he says he doesnt install in forearms due to the anatomical structure. Was pretty pissed off to be honest. As it’s difficult to find an installer who i can get to and with my work schedule i was limited who i could go to. I understand it’s the installer’s right to to decline where they install the implants but had he told me from the beginning i wouldnt have wasted the tome and money to travel to him. Unfortunately i ended up putting them in the knife edge location. I was so stressed trying to get the implants installed before the sterilisation was due to expire i didn’t even see the xmagic release. I was waiting for the xm1+ to be re-released and was going to put that in the knife edge but now it’s got an xnt in that location. From what I’ve been reading it looks like i would have trouble using the xmagic in the knife edge anyway due to the size.

I will keep a watch on any performance issues, but if all is okay then i might have it installed in the outer forearm above the wrist but im sceptical about the manoeuvrability in using the chip in that location.

I’m curious to know exactly what they mean by this. The forearm, particularly the top of the forearm, is much more forgiving than any part of the hand.

His words, to paraphrase, was that less was known about the forearm than the hands for implanting. I presume he was referring to his specific knowledge, i.e. he hadn’t done forearm installations before.

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Honestly, artists should consult with their own personal doctors when it comes to getting advice. And sure as a professional if you went into the office and paid for the office visit with the doctor, you could tell them that you’re a body piercer and that you’re looking to improve your craft and ask questions about arms.

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That feels like semi intentional ignorance,
They don’t want to do anything harder or more complicated, so they actively tune everything else out so they can fall back of “I don’t know anything about it, and you wouldn’t want me to go in blind would you?”

I’d be pretty pissed off also

I just got an xG3 in my forearm at Grindfest a few weeks ago. I initally tried to get an xNT there during DEFCON in 2019, but the installer had some issues with the skin thickness which I now know is from keratosis pilaris. Cass did a great job, but it did require some serious force and drew a decent amount of blood. Sensing isn’t super great yet, but I’ll be patient! Also, even with no swelling lifting is much worse, likely also due to skin thickness. I still like it as an install location though. It lays right along the inside of my radius (in red) so even if I hit it (which has happened quite a few times already!) it doesn’t hurt.

Needle technique can help with this… basically if you go point up, bevel down, it’ll be 10x smoother to install since there will not be any skin bunching up in the needle hollow. The problem is that with the point up, controlling depth is harder. The modified approach would be to go in bevel down until the bevel is fully under the skin, then rotate the needle 180 degrees so the bevel is up (and the point is down), then proceed to depth.


Was it a v1 or V2?

I did a v2 a few weeks ago on the inner side, no sensing (I’m not expecting any) but the location is super useful to hold small screws while working :sweat_smile:

I haven’t implanted the Spark yet, still on the fence :yum:

Me who can barely get a paperclip to stick
After 2 different magnets

Glad it’s working good for you


Dam …
Didn’t you put them on the outside?

I put mine on the inside/inner wrist, where the skin is pretty thin. I was worried about putting it on the outside after you shared your experience.

I can see the magnet move before I even feel a thing, so sensing is probably out of the question …

Ps: by inner forearm I mean where this tattoo is:

How are you 2FAing with a NeXT?