Formal complaint

I wish to make a formal complaint about the company called “Dangerous Things” and their outrageous customer service.

It is only fair that I make this complaint public, as all of you should be aware of how they treat their customers

It all started when I was ordering what I thought was the “Ultimate Implant Bundle” among with some other things during the “Cyborg Monday” sale, - but it turns out that I had managed to put the more expensive “Lifestyle Bundle” in the cart instead.

It was only after I had paid and when I saw the order confirmation I realized my mistake.

Anyway, as I have no need/wish for the xG3 magnet that’s in the ultimate bundle, - and I’d rather wait for the Vivokey Apex than install the Spark2, I politely asked if they could remove those items from my order, and offer me a small discount code for when the Vivokey Apex comes out instead.

So get this: they said NO to giving me a discount code!

In fact, let me copypaste their reply:

What items (with the exception of the Apex) would you like? I can create you a custom bundle with the same discount level as afforded the Ultimate bundle on sale.

That way, you can hold onto your money , I have you on the list for the Apex to notify when it’s available.

So no discount code then, rather a good portion of my money back and a customized package? Hrmpf! outrageous!

But it doesn’t end there.

I received my parcel shortly after the sale ended, - and as some of you know, got it installed the day before xmas.

To my surprise, on xmas eve, I received a duplicate parcel.
I sent off an e-mail to dangerousthings, telling them that they must’ve managed to send my order twice, asking how I could return the last shipment I received.

And behold their response:

Hi Kenneth,

Yes, we are aware of this. What happened was we were not at all certain that the one package was received by DHL since it was not clear it was even picked up from us in their system. To avoid the holiday rush, and ensure that this package was not lost somehow in the maze of DHL we created a 2nd shipment for you.

Now you have a back up Kenneth :slight_smile: Please keep with our compliments.

Merry Christmas,


I have never ever ever met a company treating their customers like this. it shouldn’t be allowed to be this customer oriented and… well…
I am simply lost for words.

Dear @amal and @mdanger: I truly wish you all the best and thank you for managing this amazing company!
may you prosper in 2021!


Deletes angry response message typed befor finishing reading the post.
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Lol well played

I was like “ oh this fool just kicked a bee hive” lol


The nerve of those folks! Glad to hear about your experience. There are a lot of very satisfied customers/friends here.


Something tells me someone will get 2 xG3 magnets implanted soon.


Michelle is a superhero! I don’t know which control dial was Amal twisting to get her on board, but I wish to have a similar colleague.

Also…If you have spare xG3 magnets you not in urgent need send me a pm, I might be interested.

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Rock-paper-scissors… dang! You dibsd them, Rosco!

No I don’t have any xg3’s, - I made a custom bundle instead :slightly_smiling_face: sorry if that was unclear.

… but they sent the whole custom bundle twice, so wifey might say a little ‘fuck you’ though, because now she has absolutely no reason not to get chipped.

(just need to pimp up the house so much that it’ll become a hassle not to have it installed :smirk:)


Elowel!!! This made my day! :rofl:

swiftly deletes paragraph




Thank you so much for your very kind words. We are so humbled. Atilla, as well, what an extraordinary comment, thank you so much.

You all are so important to Amal and I; seriously. We know we are asking a lot of you in the way of trust with our implants, and are honored that you have placed your faith in our products. We never take this trust for granted, not ever.

You inspire us to dwell on every detail, every safety measure, even shipping and import issues :slight_smile:

We think the world of you all.

Happy Holidays,



Great! So we both know how to do something that means the world to the other =)