Horror stories about DT

Let’s talk for a minute about the sheer AUDACITY of Dangerous Things and their RIDICULOUS “customer service”

I’m sure you have read my horror story about when they sent me an xg3 in a next box???
And they told me to just keep it and sent me a ew one ( to canada) and it arrived THE NEXT DA! seriously insane.

Funny thing is, DT tried to do a similar thing to me recently. I ordered an Hf white led, they sent me an lf one. BUT they invoiced me for the LF and I paid as it was. So my mistake in order verification.
I got it, clicked the orange button and said oops, I’ll just order another.

Well, I’ll be damned, they bloody well sent me the other one I wanted at no cost.

What a mess.

Well I showed them.
I put in an order for the replacement item to the site, paid for it and then gave them a fake address to ship it to! Suckers. Now they are stuck!

Has anyone else had an OUTRAGEOUS experience like this with these people???


I pride myself on not falling for click bait, I saw the title, then I saw who posted and I knew it was safe.

the audacity !!!

I will leave these here for you to peruse whilst you wait for NEW horror stories,I of which 'm sure there are many

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My Xg3 v2 came with a — i dont even want to talk about it… - so gross… it was a… a… a


What a Horror storry!

After that i couldn’t sleep for a whole week


I’m going to enjoy this, especially if DT cancels the order because the address is undeliverable (touché)

but what if some random non cyborg gets it? They’ll be so confused hahaha, …what if we wind up cyberizing some random person because of a random fake address, and the are intrigued :exploding_head:

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123 Sesame Street
Seattle, WA 98225

Oh my! What have I done?? Oscar the Grouch is gonna become ENHANCED!




This terrible company actually replies to emails and questions and they are fast! How dare they!

It’s like they hire cyborgs or something!

And @Pilgrimsmaster reminded me with that post that I’m not a robot yet… Goddammit, why are you doing this to me!?

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