Free/pay shipping - 15VDC PS and MOSFET heat sink

Hello DT,

I’m not sure if this acceptable here, so feel free to close/delete if it’s not.

I’m doing some cleaning and tossing over an excess of PCBA power supply: 120/230vac in &15vdc out.
Also got a bunch of MOSFET heat sink (a lot) that gotta go …

If you’re interested, let me know and there your’s for the shipping cost (from the USA, small flat rate box is $7 or $8)
Everything is going in the scrap Wednesday or Friday at the latest.

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Just a thought, but you oughta post your location. We’re pretty well scattered all over the planet.

Although I see your tape measure uses proper imperial units. So… U.S.A. or Liberia?


You make a good point, I totally didn’t though about it … I’m in the USA.

Flat rate within continental US is about $7 or $8 …

Also might have a computer (deck/tower) power supply, they make great bench testing power supply.

Or Burma (still).

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Great writeup, looks nicer than mine :grin:

Also got 100+ of those:

Realized maybe i should have put this thread in the “Lounge” section …

Everything is going in the scrap by EOD tomorrow …