Fresh xG3 V1 Installation

So I finally got the time to install the xG3 v1 I just bought. I mentioned it elsewhere (here, specifically), but I’ve been really drawn to the idea of having it installed palm side. I recognize that it’s more risky, but I feel like I prepared as well as I could to minimize potential issues.

I double checked my anatomy, and there’s a large muscle at the base of the thumb that doesn’t have any major nerves or blood vessels running through it. I drew out a line about where the nerve runs so I would have a landmark to work with. I also started at the base of the thumb and aimed toward the wrist to keep the tip of the injector as far as possible from the nerve. Yes, it’s technically pointing toward the carpal tunnel area, but I made sure not to insert the needle that far.

This is immediately after the installation, and about 5 minutes of holding pressure. Hard part is finished, now to see how it heals.