Need help - Bad implantation

I need help saving an implant.

I have already implanted a NExT and xSIID without any problem.
I wanted to implant an xG3, but it totally screwed up.
My implant is, I believe, not deep enough under the skin, and it is too close to the hole caused by the needle.

Is it salvageable?
I tried to push him but without success (and with pain …).

Thanks in advance

Ough if I were you I’d remove it. Or rather get it removed. No real chance getting it sterile again, can’t autoclave a magnet. I’d buy a new one.


yea that’s entirely fucked and way too shallow. it needs to come out


As the others said, it needs to come out.

“clean” it the best you can, then put it in a 70% isopropyl solution for a day or two at least.

That position is not a reccomended location, any and all installations should be done by a pro, but especially in “unusual” locations.
You should really go to an installer.


It’s done …
I feel so Bad :pensive:

The other one of yesterday is perfect …


you did the right thing by taking it out! no need to feel bad it’s just a small set back

get it cleaned and installed by a pro


IIRC, it’s possible to soak it clorhexadine for several days to get it clinically clean but this is not as good as clinically sterile. If you want to sterilize it, you need to use a low temperature process like EO gas.

I’m pretty sure that others will have more information on how to clean a magnet to make it safe again.

On a side note, you managed to fit a 3mm implant in your dermis so don’t let anyone tell you that you are thin skinned. :crazy_face:


That is sad :frowning:

I was wondering why you have chosen the Position on the palm side, its on your gripping surface so my worry would be to shatter it while gripping something

-p0 has some soft tissue behind but where you seem to have installed it there is not that much soft tissue behind I think


Why would you put an implant in the palm of you’re hand??

Why did you do it yourself???

i don’t think anyone is yelling at you. People are worried and also sad that it failed, but also some questions raised about the position and in my case also curiosity why you have chosen that spots, what your thoughts were behind it.

This community learns on the mistakes of others and also the successes. There are many “experimental” positions for the glass chips and by you sharing your thoughts we could come in a discussion about it and maybe others can learn from it or something like that :slight_smile:

minus p0 for example was quite experimental some time ago, but some people had good success with it and are happy with the results.

Have a nice day and i hope you have a pleasant healing process



Yes I know, that’s why I deleted my post :sweat_smile:.

I chose this place because it seemed interesting to hold objects.

Thank you for caring about me, I only have a small mark that will quickly go away :slight_smile:

it’s just that… i feel really faulty (i Hope it is a good word), i was very afraid of being judged by posting this message… :pleading_face::pensive:


we also need the posts of failed self-implantations.

i like the “shock image” in your post - - i can only recomend:
if you can go to a professional body mod artist - DO IT!

people who think about self install otherwise only see the implantations that worked and are perhaps not even aware of the risks


We, of all people, aren’t going to judge you. Don’t worry about that! Of course, we’ll call someone out if they do something dumb, but we’re judged enough by everyone else as it is. We definitely don’t need even more of that within our own community. Like others have said, we can learn from the successes as well as the failures. Knowing what not to do is vital to success after all.

Also, definitely get it installed by a professional if you’re able to. People have self-installed the xG3 in the common sensing positions before, but it’s a lot harder than doing a self-install in P0.

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since I already had two successful self-implantations, I thought this one would also go smoothly :sweat_smile:

Lol, my immediate thought…

giphy (2)


I concur, I installed my own however I consulted many figures and photos on the anatomy of hands and I had an x-ray done beforehand. Mine went flawless but I did it in the easiest spot, between my thumb and forefinger.

Even with all the knowledge I had, I was still a bit nervous to self-install and don’t recommend to anyone. One of the main factors for my self-install was the quotes I was getting to install it professionally. Most were more than my implants.

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I apprecaite the installers are making a living, and it takes some time to learn the skills, but some of the prices seem over the top when you are talking about fie minutes of work.

My best mate’s wife is a nurse, so I have avoided the install costs for the X series. I am trying to talk her into doing a flex install next, but she is a little relucant if it involves cutting, dammit!


This is totally understandable, and more importantly, people can choose to do what they want to their own bodies.
By the way, It is awesome that you did research before “just going for it”

I would add the following ( My opinion )
There a are a few good reasons why self installs aren’t recommended, two of the main ones are:

Primarily, Risk and Damage to OTHERS (the community) reputation, if it goes wrong, and goes public; We have seen how many conspiracy nut-jobs are out there and media who would prefer to put a spin on it for attention rather than reporting facts. We don’t want to give them ammunition.

Secondarily, is the Risk and Damage to SELF.

Here is an example; there are some major nerves that run through the thumb.

@Prof_Saesee kindly posted his photo, which I think serves as a great lesson and reminder.

For the xG3 to end up in that position, It would not be unrealistic to suggest that the needle may have been in the area of the blue triangle. Would that be fair to say @Prof_Saesee ?

And here are some images exposed nerves in that area :drop_of_blood:
The black line indicates where the nerve continues under the skin
Almost everybody here knows how sharp the install needles are, and I have no doubt they would easily sever a nerve





Halsey, Jordan & Therattil, Paul & Viviano, Stephen & Fleegler, Earl & Lee, Edward. (2015). Bowler’s Thumb: Case Report and Review of the Literature. Eplasty. 15. e47.


Actually, I think that the needle was placed in from the other end of the implant (the bit that is poking out) and was not inserted far enough so that the implantation did not work.

No, I agree with you, but maybe I wasn’t clear with my wordlings :wink:
Here’s a picture for me to help explain what I meant.
I have offset it to the side to illustrate more clearly

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