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Would love to see that!

I mean, I rarely play online myself. I’m more of a solo player, especially with survival and creative games but every now and then I feel like sharing :joy:


I think it’s really annoying that sooo many games are forced online by now… I mean, it’s nice if it’s a possible option, but I really enjoy playing on my own in my own world / universe, and I just don’t want to be forced to see others - it ruins my immersion pretty often.

Okay, I might be bad at socializing… :wink:


That’s why I play at so many old games, a lot of them having being modded to have a better look than initially.

Think Duke Nukem 3D with improved… everything , Quake 2 with RTX, Portal RTX, the Black Mesa mod of Half-Life 2 (awesome), Serious Sam Siberian Mayhem,…


Same here! Though I’m notoriously bad at anything shooter-like, but I love the old gems like Planescape: Torment (had a nice remake and is the best game I know :wink: ), the old Lucasfilm Games Adventures or nice little indie games that usually lack the money or publicity to add an online mode :smile:


That’s why I play survival and indie games mostly

Yeah like Diablo 4…

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That’s exactly what came to my mind first - I like the game overall, but I could immerse into the world a lot better if there weren’t people running around everywhere… this is just, story-wise, totally stupid.

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Been gaming for a while(pretty much my whole life)
Started with famicon replica mid 90s. Games like super mario, space invaders, duck hunt.
Then the hyper inflation hit here and everyone was poor as fuck. At this time arcade garages spawned here and there. Played games like punisher and cadillacs and dinosaurs a lot. Next step of the gaming evolution came when pc clubs start to appear. Games like Half Life, Quake, Unreal tournament, Diablo were on top of my list. At some point I got my first pc - a 200 MHz intel beast with pentium cpu. Played a lot of Diablo and Diablo 2 and Heroes 3, as well as Quake 2 and UT. Few years later, it was time for upgrade and I switched from intel to amd. Got a machine with duron at the stunning 700 MHz. At this time Quake 3 and Counter Strike was big thing, so as you can imagine I spent countless hours playing them. I was constantly going back to Heroes 3, doing marathons with my neighbour like 36-48 hours, driving parents crazy. Next on the table were Half Life 2 which is very dear to my heart, also Doom3 was something I’ve enjoyed a lot. Another game I’ve really enjoyed but got messed up with the expansions was Red Faction. The physics engine was WOW. Afterwards I had to reduce the amount of gaming for a while and alloc time on study. After graduation, and moving out of my parents home it was time to satisfy my gaming addiction once again. I got a chipped ps2( which was already outdated). Played all God of War games which were out so far. Then I decided I do not like Sony, sold the ps2 and got xbox360. Such a waste of money. Game wise pretty poor. I am not a halo fan. At this time money was short, so buying games was not exactly an option. Hacked the dvd rom, so I can burn disks. Played some forza horizon, also Fable2 and HL2 with all the expansions, Portal was really fun. Diablo3 came out and it was a blast. After ps4 pro went out I was okay, time to buy this thing and finally ditch MS. So I did. Again, Diablo3, Killzone, God of War, Horizon zero dawn, Ghost of Tsushima.
Right now I do own a ps5. In my recent playlist I have cyberpunk2077 also diablo4, gran tourismo 7, Horizon forbidden west, the new God of War which i do not like very much. Recently got a vr for it and it’s a vomit comet. I am enjoying the GT7 in vr a lot! Also Red Matter, Pavlov, Firewall ultra
To see the gaming world evolving from stuff like HL, UT, Quake, to stuff like battle royale piece of crap is really sad(not to forget the micro transactions). Noone plays strategy games any more - this makes me even more sad. RIP Heroes 3


I feel ancient. The most gaming I am able to do is with browser based incrementals. But the few I use i love.

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Love to see there are others who still remember good ol’ heroes! Part two has the best soundtrack by far, part three was best gaming-wise.

Portal should be :star_struck:



Minecraft has surpassed the game status. It’s become a parallel universe, with culture, history, economy, art, and science. By offering a boundless world with simple rules it encourages extremely complex emergent behaviors. In the same way real life doesn’t need a script, storyline or tutorial neither does Minecraft.


I started gaming in the early 90s as a kid, first on a C64, later on a 486 PC… loved it, and basically played everything I could get my hands on - so these times, it was pretty much random stuff like Prince of Persia, Summer- or Wintergames, Street Rod, Lemmings, Sierra- and Lucasfilm-Adventures, Jill of the Jungle, anything I could get. Later on I focused on strategy stuff like Heroes of Might and Magic, C&C, Dune, AoE, SimCity 2000 and such and at the same time realized I really love good stories and special settings - so I enjoyed Zork Nemesis (still love that one^^), Fate of Atlantis, Death Gate, Planescape: Torment ( :heart: ), V:tM Bloodlines, Soul Reaver, Hitman, Witcher, Gothic…
When multiplayer was new and exciting, I played a lot of Diablo (2, at that time, but I loved pt. 1 as well) and started into World of Warcraft (playing as a Discipline Priest, raiding from BC until Cataclysm, still casually playing from time to time). Oh, and I spent a lot of time in Morrowind, love the moddability of that game (played Oblivion and Skyrim as well, though less)

Newer stuff I really enjoy: Sunless Sea (best setting ever), Rimworld (because managing psychotic people can be fun), Stray (interesting perspective), Path of Exile (the better Diablo :stuck_out_tongue: ) and indie-stuff like VirtuaVerse or If on a winter’s night, four travelers…

I never really got into consoles, though I liked to watch my best friend of school days play Zelda; and I occasionally play some Tekken or SoulCalibur - but I’m really bad at it. I can’t work with controllers… :smile:

Especially Heroes 3 is really good playable on modern machines - it requires a few patches to look nice on today’s screens, but it really works fine! (Unless lots of other old games I just can’t seem to get running…)


Since we’re doing history breakdowns … my first video game was pong. No joke. Pong. It was a whole console with two wired controllers. There were many versions of this console that came out, and ours looked like this;

According to this site, this version was from a brand called Grandstand and the console was sold as “Adman 2000”.

Next was the Atari 2600 console (too famous to bother linking)… then a Plus 4 which was a Commodore “business” computer that had some built in applications on ROM including spreadsheet and a word processing program… but you could play most C64 games on it as well, including Ghostbusters, which is the only game of a collection of games that I actually remember playing on that thing. It had an interesting save game system which was basically a code derivation scheme. The only thing saved really was the amount of money you had in the bank and you were given a new “account number” at the bank that you had to write down. When starting play later on, you could enter the account number and get your starting money back in your bank account. Of course you could try using random numbers, and whatever the simple parity check that was done on the “account numbers” was easy to stumble across so sometimes I was able to start with a very large amount of money in the bank… my first taste of “hacking”.

I had access to a TRS80 via a neighbor and a Commodore PET at school which I learned to program on while other kids weren’t playing Oregon Trail (you have died of dysentery). Then on the home front we finally got a Tandy 286 with a 3 channel audio card! From here all bets were off… games and programming took up a massive amount of my time. Sierra games were my favorite… the Kings Quest series is where I started but the Space Quest was a laugh riot… and a mountain of frustration sometimes too. Loved those games.


Save game systems and copy protection were both pretty creative in those days :smile:
I loved the “Dial-A-Pirate” discs from Monkey Island (still have them), I memorized single words that happen to be on page 5, line 3 or whatever, I decoded things with coloured foils…
Not to mention, all those copy protections were quite easy to… copy :smile:


Wooooo game history time. My first ever console was a Gameboy colour given to me by my grandma for my 4th birthday (along with a copy of Pokémon yellow that I still have). Also had a family n64 where I found my love for TLoZ, Ocarina of Time is still one of my favorite games. (Along with Tetris)
Couple years later family split so I mostly had nintendo handhelds (DS and DSi) until I was 12 I was gifted an Xbox 360 from a cousin (who looking back most certainly stole it). Skip a few more years I had a ps4 and 3ds for my nintendo addiction mostly pokemon and TLoZ.
Currently have a PC and play a fuckload of indie/smaller games (Subnautica, any simulator, Hardspace Shipbreaker) but honestly I play so much stuff I can’t even keep track. Modded oled switch (I refuse to pay for for nintendo stuff) on the side and a steamdeck for convenience. I also own a Snes but no longer own any games for it because I realized emulation was superior (I refuse to pay outrageous prices for older nintendo games too).

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I’ve been getting less and less excited over the last few years for modern AAA gaming. It feels like the only somewhat polished and bug free experiences that release are first party Nintendo titles. But they too changed their business practices during the last few years and keep moving away from pro-consumer practices to in-game purchases, DLC and subscription models. All running on hardware that is literally 8 years old at this point and by far not worth the 300€ asking price.

My first console was the N64 but I really fell in love with gaming during the Gamecube era. But I would consider myself more of a retro gamer these days. I rarely play modern titles except for the odd Nintendo game every few years.

I started collecting retro games and dev systems 3 years ago. Some of which, like the Famicom, are 15+ years older than I am. Here are some of my best pieces:

My basically new Famicom and Famicom Disk System for reading proprietary Nintendo floppy disks to enable saves in-game. To save you needed to take the disk out and flip it manually.

My mint copies of the first Zelda an Metroid for the Famicom disk system on floppy with all the stickers still in the manual.

A Nintendo Zone Box and it’s cartridge with game demos on it. This thing was used in select shops around the world for people to wirelessly download game demos to their Nintendo DS when entering the shop.

I’ve got much more stuff, some of it is garbage. I love working on, cleaning and taking apart these systems. They are incredibly easy to do maintenance on. Playing these old titles the way they were meant to be played is really satisfying.


Man, the DS was such a cool handheld. I still have all of mine sitting on my closet. Going to GameStop for those demos or special items (I still remember begging my mother to take me to GS so I could get a special Pokemon thing) was always a cool feature to have.

When the 3DS came out and you could have it in sleep mode and whenever it connected to another 3DS, the Miis would meet up and you could play minigames. MegaCon in Orlando was the best way for me to pad my 3DS connections because damn near everyone had one there.