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I have a few DS and 3ds pcbs I ordered to convert them to usb-c. That made me revitalize the life of mine

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The pcb in the Zone Box is just a DSi motherboard with some components missing, which I think was a smart move to keep costs down. It doesn’t have a battery connector for example. You have to keep it plugged in. Which makes sense because it is supposed to run 24/7.

Ahhh, the pcbs I have are just a usb-c PCB that gets soldered to the actual 3ds console PCB. You remove the Nintendo charging port and solder this in place

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Anyone playing Starfield? I’m playing on Xbox series X at home and cloud gaming on steamdeck away from home.

I tried it on my home PC with the game pass pc version, and my PC hated it. I had the game lock up and “buffer” with a spinning circle in the center of the screen for 10+ seconds many times. Intel 7600k and GTX 1080 run off a SSD not a spinning hard drive for reference.

Ha, Well, No…
I haven’t seen ANY positive comments about it.

Here’s a quick collection, here are some of the more tame ones

a quick 10

Is your experience different?

Sounds like NOPE


It’s definitely Skyrim/Fallout in space. I’m a pretty simple guy. Give me an open world to explore and some skill trees and I’m happy. Add in some decent space ship combat and I’m in for sure.

I’ve got a lot of hours (not a massive amount though) in Skyrim, Fallout 3, 4, New Vegas, Cyberpunk 2077, but I’ve never beat the main story of any of those games. I still go into any of them for a bit, run around, cause chaos, and just have a good time.

The people in Starfield definitely look weird, but that’s low on my list of priorities.

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Haha, we have a similar approach to open worlds :sweat_smile: same with all the GTA, Just Cause and Saint’s Row games. I just like to look at the scenery and blow things up!


Sounds like it’s no man’s sky 2 with the way it was released

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No man’s sky is a gem , they were open about what it is from the get go, an innovating infinite sandbox to explore. The whole fuss was people not understanding that a game is not necessarily about killing each other :cry:
It was a little rushed to release but nothing out of the ordinary and completely excusable for a small team working on such an ambitious project, especially with the amount of work they keep putting into it now.
As someone who like to make game that break out of the mold it really frustrates me that people don’t appreciate the vision behind it and the technical magic that it is!

What Hello Games got wrong is the target audience in their marketing imo

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I loved NMS. I wish they were honest about some of the features that were absolutely not complete. Like naming systems and planets retroactively apply to the entire game space and the ability to actually find friends and explore together. I quit playing about a year after launch and I know improvements were made but that really riffed me.

I was going for a console version of Star citizen so that was my fault

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I saw some of the reviews of starfield, and while I really loved Morrowind and seriously liked Oblivion and Skyrim, it looked very… generic. And since I was very bored by Elder Scrolls online and its “storytelling” (or whatever they call it…), I decided against it.
Buuuuut I stumbled across a review of Baldur’s Gate 3 at the same day and immediately bought it - really nice game! The fights can be annoying (because they can feel unfair, depending on how your dices roll), but the storytelling is really great and the characters look and feel good as well. Plus, I can seriously roleplay - I can be an utter asshole, I can deny quests, I can be the shining good guy or whatever I like. There is even one premade char that has a background of “you don’t know anything about your past, but there’s a voice in your head telling you to kill everyone”, and you can decide to act that out or fight against it.
I can play music instruments, and my char is so bad at it that all people around me act annoyed and ask me to stop :smile:
I can use a potion to talk to animals, just to have an albino raven tell me that I’m ugly, everyone hates me and nobody will remember me when I die.
And it’s set in the D&D universe that immediately felt familiar with its races and alignments and all that stuff. Love that :slight_smile:

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BG3 is awesome! I first played it almost 3 years ago (I had to look it up) when it was first released in early access. I played through act 1 so many times after every few updates. It had almost 3 years of development while in early access. It definitely shows in how nice and polished everything is.

I have played to part way through Act 2, and it’s still on my list of games to jump into it. Maybe I’ll finish it some day.

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Starfield is fantastic IMO.

The biggest problem with the public perception is that too many people went into it expecting a space sim or space exploration game (no thanks to the way that Todd Howard presented it), while it’s still an RPG at its core. Oblivion in space is a good way to put it, although that’s purely in mechanics. The setting feels incredibly fresh. People compare it to No Man’s Sky or Elite Dangerous (or Star Citizen, which is barely functional…), when that’s extremely disingenuous to me. Starfield has SO much story content and so many quest lines, with pretty good voice acting. Everything is pretty curated, although there’s also plenty of generated bases and such to explore if you’d like to go that route. It’s just a different genre.

I purposefully avoided any kind of info beforehand, and just jumped in when it released.

The space dogfighting is pretty good, and given that you can jump/travel from your ship itself (a lot of people don’t realize this, you use the scanner), it’s still pretty immersive to go from place to place.

There are tons of interesting side quests, and a lot of interesting continuity and interactions (a lot of side quests affect interactions in other places).

I’m ~40 hours in, by far the most I’ve played any video game in the last few years. I still haven’t gone too in-depth with outposts, ship building, etc. Finished up the main quest at ~30 hours, and just going through side quests now having a ton of fun. Still have a lot of lore left uncovered.

It really feels like the internet is just searching for outrage at this point, a lot of the people who I’ve seen shitting on it haven’t played it one bit, and are just repeating whatever they’ve read online.

I’ve had a few minor bugs, but nothing serious or gamebreaking. Usually just someone vibrating a little lmfao, or the occasional body getting clipped in a wall.

Performance is a little rough (with an RTX 3070 + Ryzen 9 3900X I get ~60 FPS on high 1440p), but load times are really good via my SSD, and haven’t had any crashes or anything. I’m happy with the visuals, and the face animations seem fine to me (I’ve seen some people say they trigger the uncanny valley for them).

On a side note:

Started Baldur’s Gate 3 today. I’ve heard good things about it, but it just didn’t seem like my type of game.

Two hours in, and, while it has taken a lot of getting used to, I like it. I haven’t played many traditional CRPGs, or many turn based RPGs at all. The freedom is really neat though, and I do feel like I can do pretty much anything.

The visuals, voice acting, and dialogue are all impressive as well.

The same thing is happening here with Starfield in a different direction haha. Too many people expecting endless and interesting procedural worlds, while somehow also being an RPG with 100+ hours of story content…


I decided to try Starfield on my Steam Deck for shits and giggles…

It’s totally playable.

I was expecting the worst. Using some settings tweaks I found on reddit (nothing actually custom or modded though), I get ~25-30 FPS at the worst, in giant settings like New Atlantis. Inside of buildings, on planets, in my ship, etc., I get ~40-50 FPS. Reminds me of my console days, but not bad at all for a handheld…

Still looks decent with that screen size and resolution too.

It won’t be my main method of playing, but I could definitely see myself playing it that way in bed or at someone else’s house.

I look forward to the issue with Nvidia + proton + Starfield being fixed. I’m currently booting into windows solely to play Starfield lmao, and the Steam Deck shows that proton itself works fine with Starfield.

I would fall into that category, I have not played it.
I wouldn’t say I was shitting on it, just sharing what I have seen and read so far, People have had the opportunity to defend it, but the best I have seen so far is
~ “its ok”, “Its playable”, Its not as bad as everybody says"

Not exactly rave reviews, but at the end of they day, who cares what anybody else thinks?
If you like it, play it and enjoy it to your hearts content

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That’s kinda my point though. Most of the people who I’ve seen saying bad things haven’t actually played it. The actual reviews themselves have all been decent. Steam reviews are mostly positive, and critic reviews are good as well.

I think a lot of it is leftover resentment over Fallout 76, but people seem to have a hate boner for a game they know nothing about…

Even a friend of mine recently said “I’ve heard you can’t even fly the ship”, going completely off of internet BS (and ignoring the in-depth dogfighting).

It’s perfectly fine for people to not like something, but I get annoyed when people are disingenuous about it, and pulling their thoughts purely from an echo chamber. The same thing happened when CP2077 came out as well. People who never played it spent months mocking it online. It had a ton of problems, and isn’t my favorite game, but none of the criticism those people lobbed at it was accurate. Everyone just hopped on the hate train.

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My laptop, My Keyboard, My mouse…
All RGB …Yuck
I just don’t understand

Everybody else seems to love it