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Excited inner child noises

$70 to relive my childhood? Well worth it.


Dark Souls looks a little different than I was expecting :wink:


Did you find that Xbox as a garage sale? Or a Pawn Shop? Nice score!

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If it hasn’t been dealt with already, make sure you open it up and remove the clock capacitor.

They leak almost 100% on the original Xbox given enough time, and often completely ruin the motherboard when they do.


Даже банальный фонарь на кнопке или рычаге? Чел там не сложно вовсе можно редпроводом сделать или можешь постоянный из чистого красного камня но лучше проводом так ты меньше места займешь говорю как большой знаток игры

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Beam NG officially sponsored by vivokey :smirk:


Shut up Steam!


@darthdomo are you into pcvr?

I’ve been playing ghosts of tabor a LOT lately

It’s sort of vr tarkov

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Who doesn’t like PCVR? Apart from the time that a group of people tried to recruit me into a cult in VRC…

I’ve heard that there’s a new social game coming out that’s made by the same people who worked on Neos, hopefully the UI won’t be made for dogs this time.

On a side note, does anyone else play titanfall here?

I am, although I haven’t been able to play any for the past few months due to my childhood bedroom being an absolute disaster. Thankfully I’ve now rectified that, and my space is way more open than it ever has been (been up for 28 hours today, spent most of that cleaning and organizing). Basically done a full renovation in here.

So starting tomorrow, I can actually play PCVR games again haha.

I’d previously only been able to play seated games + things like Walkabout thanks to the tiny space.

I’ll check out Ghosts of Tabor.

I actually don’t need much room to play, I play sitting down
and I use smooth spin, so I don’t even rotate in my chair very often…

I just created a “session rig”
in the game you occasionally need to drink water to keep your guy going…
and its quite impressive how thirsty it makes you drinking virtual water… so now I wear a little camelbak backpack, and I shove a 20,000 mah battery that will keep my Q2 running for 8 hours or so

I also use a 3d printed stock, but the game still has some room for improvement, its definitely beta … but it is still really fun

occasionally a gun or object you SUPER NEED will accidently clip through a floor…
and sometimes things will accidently duplicate lol…
its a 50\50 good bad bug rate lol

if you want @darthdomo I’ll be playing in an hour or 2, Ill see if my computer can handle playing and streaming it to discord if you wanna spectate me and my buddy play

( if it wasn’t clear you’d be welcome to party up with us)

oh, big warning… the meta version is cancer… go steam… you loose the option for standalone… but having tried the standalone… you aren’t missing much


If anyone hasn’t heard yet, Half Life 1 got a major update recently, and is free to claim this weekend, keep it forever.


Not sure if I’ve posted this video before but I’ve been thinking about The Surge lately:

And where do I sign up to get one of those installed? I don’t care if it doesn’t include anesthesia.

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I’ve been enjoying “Ion Fury” a bit recently. It’s a fun game, published by the same folks who released Duke Nukem 3D; a classic IMO.


I’ll have to check that one. I love Duke Nukem 3D.

Been playing a lot with “Robocop : Rogue City” . Fun game.


FYI: Star Wars Squadrons is on sale for $2 on steam right now. Especially relevant for my VR peeps.


I fucking love squadrons,
It’s a lot more complicated than unexpected though, a lot of things to managed… but it adds to the realism

Sitting in an Xwing in vr and flying is unbelievably cool… and when you go to to hyperspace… bonkers cool experience

The matchmaking is painfully slow at this point though :-/

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Ads in Ubisoft pause menu

“technical error”…APPARENTLY

Anyway, Not for that reason :point_up: , but UbiSoft can fuck right off alongside Disney.

Pack of Cunts


We can sell 80 percent of a user’s visual field before inducing seizures!