Getting a Implant

I’m looking to get a glass tube implant in my hand. The question I have, is there any on the site that have 125khz and 13.56mhz capabilities? How many codes can I put on the implant (I’d like my work badge on it, i
and my house key card on it). And what is the software I’d use to to all of this?

Both the NExT and the xMagic.

Its not that simple (to answer) I’m afraid.

Quite possible, we just need more info to help you

That will depend on what implants you get, but generaly.
A ProxMark3 will do most things.

A flipper is a good alternative

A phone can sometimes do what you want.

Cheap cloners are another option, but not ideal.

Download TagInfo on your phone, and scan you work card and house card.

Let us know what results you get

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Each implant can hold a single key at once (or in the case dual-frequently implants like the NExT and xMagic, one per frequency) but they can be reprogrammed on the fly within limits.

For your use case, I’d find out more about your work badge first. Learning more details about the existing set up will help you determine what to get and what tools you can manage it with. If it is a low frequency card then you will probably be able to clone it easily. If it’s a high frequency card, you might be able to clone it if it’s the type that a Magic chip can work with. Alternatively, if you are friends with whoever manages the system then you might be able to enroll an implant without having to clone an existing one.

For your house, if someone other than you (property manager, etc) has control of the security, then you will need to repeat the same steps and learn more. If you’re putting together your own system, then you can enroll whatever you want in it. You may even be able to use the same credential more than once.

As for how to learn more, brands or models on your cards or the readers might help. If you have a NFC-enabled phone and you’re able to get a scan with Taginfo, then you know it’s a high frequency card and plenty of helpful details. If not, then it’s either a low-frequency card or a high-frequency card that your phone doesn’t know how to read. You can also use a RDC card or a Proxgrind RFID detector to sense if your reader is emitting a low frequency or high frequency field. (Or both.) If you have a PM3 or a Flipper Zero, you will be able to scan your card and learn what you need to know.


Work badge white HID PROXIMITY CARD . I was able to clone on to this disk with no issues using this duplicator

I believe it’s 125 kHz.

Yep, That ones easy, compatible with the

What’s your house one?


Is there one that has the LED in the implant that will be compatible for my work badge? Im looking into my house access card now.

Sorta kinda…

The NExT2 (yet to be released)
basically an xEM and xSIID

BUT the LED will be HF, not LF, so it wont light up when you swipe your work badge.

Lets wait and see what your home access card is so we can come up with some options for you

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