Glass breaking in your hand? Better place to implant?

I do a lot of building projects with my hands involving lifting heavy materials, using heavy equipment, and those sorts of things sometimes and it concerns me that I might break a glass implant if it’s in my hand. Would it be better to install the chip in my arm somewhere instead farther away from the hands? I am open to all comments and suggestions on this question. Thanks, everyone for your insights!

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You’re probably gonna be okay. The chances of them breaking in your hand are pretty small, unless it’s perhaps butted right up against the bone. Worst case scenario, it shouldn’t cause too much damage even if it does break but as far as I know, that has been documented on here maybe… once? (and I don’t think that was a DT chip)

If you crush or hit yourself with enough force to break the implant, your hand is probably not gonna be doing too well regardless!

Check out this thread, it should help ease concerns;

And maybe this thread? (Though it’s not a DT product)

There’s a few more I’m thinking of, I’ll link those later.

EDIT: Found the one I was thinking of, posted pretty recently :slight_smile:



This seems like a crazy idea, so you’ll probably like it. How about putting an X series in a nice thick porkchop, and working it over with one of those old fashioned meat tenderizers? Might make for an awesome test video, and show how much pounding one of these could take.


Only if I can cook and eat it after :wink:


Thanks for the replies! Everyone here is very good at providing solid information to ingest. I am going to go ahead and get the implants soon (Spark & NeXT) by our locally recommended piercing specialist at “Wicked Tattoos & Piercings” in the next couple of days.