Shocking X-series durability

The other day I were doing some carpentering, basically smashing nails through wood.
I had not one, but two major fuckups whilst “hitting the nail” where I instead hit the standard location of my left hand, smack on my gen1 spark😅

48h later when the swelling subsided a bit I’ve been feeling arround for the implant, at first I could only find a little, but then as I poked arround enough I found it all in one piece​:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

It got shifted 3cm, so i’ll remove it from my hand for closer inspection (this was the plan anyway for relocation), but I’ve got to say @amal has made some super sturdy stuff for us :grin:

On a side note I de NOT RECOMEND this as proof of durability, but it’ll say something of the general strength of the X-series implants under normal usage (less than what I put it through thus far) :grin:

I’m sitting here as a happy camper knowing I’ll only have to get one small incision to remove it while, compared to a lengthy scar with 1000 pcs of glass shrapnel in the wound :open_mouth:


Gotta say, its things like this that make me thankful that DT do such extensive testing on their chips. Also nice to see it reflected in the real world!

Glad your chip (and hand) is in one piece!




Wear gloves… there’s a slew of delicate nerves and tendons you can damage in the hand.
Tearing cartilage or chipping a knuckle isn’t fun either.
-Never wrap your thumb around the car steering wheel either; get in the habit of leaving it free floating at all times. I palm the wheel rather than grip it most times.
The thumb getting caught by the wheel in an accident is a leading cause of torn tendons.-
Without a functional thumb that hand loses a lot of it’s usefulness. Many of the injuries you get today will come back to haunt you… even decades latter.
Try to avoid them.

I wear composite ones with wrist straps with the finger tips cut off. $6 @ pair at harbor freight… and they look bad ass.



I’m as careful as I can be, but the occasional Hazzard will hit eventually :sweat_smile:

But at least I’m super surprised about the sturdiness ot the X-series😁
We’ve all seen @amal’s video on the flex, but to think the X would stand up to this abuse is so far off😮

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My cutouts leave a little more than the last finger digits exposed. You need the finger tips for good tactile feel but the rest is best covered.
As the stitching ripps I gradually cut them back; a cheap pair lasts months and can be hand washed.