Glass vial internal specs?

I’m kinda mentally revisiting an idea that I kicked around earlier. Don’t think it’ll go anywhere, but you never know.

To that end, what are the internal dimensions of a glass tag? Or put another way, what’s the biggest (assumably cylindrical) object that I could shove in there and get it to seal up, assuming I had the wherewithal to do that?

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Can I add, where is a trustworthy place to source at?

I think Amal has his stuff custom made. I gather from bits and pieces that the market is full of as much junk as you want to throw good money at, but the high grade stuff might be harder to identify / obtain.

I’d stay away from DIY implants, unless you’re really reallly sure you know what you’re doing.

I just want to build a theoretical implant.

I more or less just want to learn how to do it. I have no plans on making my own implants at the moment, and if I did, it would just be filled with glowpowder and bioresin. Nothing special.

I am way more interested in the process of making implants, not so much putting them in me.

The 3mm outer diameter glass tags like the xLEDs use has an inner diameter of ~2mm (1.9-2.1) because the glass is ~0.5mm thick.

There are much wider diameter glass tubes that you can buy. You really shouldn’t go much higher than 4mm OD because the crush chance is high even with the resin fill, and the seal on the ends becomes less reliable.

There’s threads on here where Amal talks about the composition of the glass he uses, and the kind of shit he’s encountered. Most of the issues stem from the glass being weak, or doped with unsafe compounds like lead.

Have you got an idea on practical max length of the payload?

I remember measuring for a 12mm tag the inner tube (minus the curved ends) is circa 10mm

Hmm, only an idea. If you filled the interior with resin, you could probably pull off 3-4cm of length. It would really depend on where you implant it. You can check out the xGLO thread. Amal has a prototype in there that’s at least 3cm long. Unfortunately it’s not filled with resin, it’s filled with a radioactive substance that fits into your body where water would go, so the risk of breakage due to blunt force trauma is too high.

I source my glass from Schott. It used to be called 8625 glass, but now they are calling it VivoTag glass… not fucking kidding hahah! It’s very expensive in low qty… around $25 per tube even at 100s quantities. Here are the dimensions;

OD: ID: +/-0.03
2.12mm 1.75mm
3.05mm 2.49mm (0.28mm thick)
3.07mm 2.13mm (0.47mm thick)
3.85mm 3.19mm (0.33mm thick)

The lengths are not as important but there are various lengths available for each size. The tricky bit is the sealing and heat processes thereof, so you might not get the entire length as expected if your device is heat sensitive on that end. Also the glass itself needs some “length” to melt down to seal the end as well.

I mean… we might be able to work with anyone that wants to try to stuff some crap into some glass :slight_smile:


Wait, wait, … Are you saying you might have access to a Giant Frickin’ Laser!

Maybe, but like way down the road. First I gotta fail at least 1000 times.



Sounds great! I think I will practice sealing up cheaper ones first before I reach out.

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