Glowing implant ideas?

@amal have there been any thoughts on trying to resurrect the tritium implant in terms of an implant that is simply meant to glow, maybe even a capsule the same size as the x series tags but with a solid core of hard epoxy/resin mixed with glow powder instead of a rfid chip? that way you get the glow (hopefully) without the risk of it breaking and releasing a radiactive gas under the skin. Id love an implant that glows but dont want the bulkiness of some of the silicone implants available.

This has been considered… @mrln is attempting a UV LED core with glow powder as well which I think is intriguing.


This is cool. Would love a glowy xsiid

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@mrln I’ll give you beta access to ZINC to power these beauties if you want :wink: I’d love to see how well you can charge them with the power scan. Just send me a message of you’re interested


Any idea when the app may be available on the google play store? Would love a way to make showing off my xsiid led a little easier!

You can get beta test access through the patreon page. First public release (around 10$, no ads) should come out before December (hopefully) alongside the PICOs on the DT store.

And to contribute to the thread here is a up and coming alternative to glow implants which might be the reason why we don’t see glow-flexes on the store: