Good xEM Access Controller Projects

Any good projects or project ideas for the xEM Access Controller? Tell me what you have done or have ideas to do. I am really interested! Has anyone successfully linked it to a car keyfob?


Have a look through the project section

There are a bunch of ideas on there, A very good use and a recent one was @ODaily Magic Tool Box Project

There have been a few people connecting their xAC to key fobs, including @amal, that he explains the process in his book
( Now I sit back and wait for my commission on my plug :wink: )

Pretty much anything you can switch with a relay you can control with you xAC.


Have a look on YouTube for relays switching, and you should get some more ideas

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WooHOO! I’m Famous!

Ok, Seriously.
Think of this as having two methods. First, things with electrical circuits that can be controlled.(Your car?)

Second, things that can have electrical cicuits added to control them. (my toolbox project)

The easiest projects to work with will have a binary condition. Open/Close, On/Off, Locked/Unlocked, etc

Now, look around your place and ask yourself what you’d like to manipulate via the Jedi mind control hand wave. My toolbox inspired me. I also have a workshop/shed that I constaltly loose the key to. That’s coming up next. What inspires you? .

If nothing comes to immediate mind, then I’d recommend just getting a relay / diode / capacitor and setting up a little circuit. Once you’ve got that clicking every time you wave at it, you’ll be guaranteed to think of all sorts of things to hook it to.

And seriously consider documenting whatever you build. ESPECIALLY the failures and false starts. Those are the ideas that really spawn new and exciting things.


If you need a hand with this, just let us know

FYI, Amals RFID Toys, project… book doesn’t use the actual xAC, but what he does use is pretty much the same, infact the xAC is easier because you don’t need to build it.

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