Got a call to come to customs and explain my order

Hi all,

I’m 100% sure someone already asked this, but couldn’t find it.

After 1.5 months of w8ting for my xG3, Spark 2 and NExT I finally got contacted by customs.

Any advice as to what to say?


I have imported various things to various countries. It should be straightforward. There is usual a declaration of some sort regarding what it is / what risks it poses. Issues usual come from it being something that could carry pests like a muddy pair of boots. So it is likely ID and the declaration paperwork they are after.


Come and bring documentation… whatever they mean by it.

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I’m in Europe, so I ordered it over digiwell website. I do not posses declaration documents, just an invoice. In my knowledge, digiwell took care for the import to EU and all that jazz.

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As said.

I would suggest
contact digiwell and ask their advice from their experience in Europe.
@KaiCastledine and @amal may have further border control info /suggestions for you. You are in Serbia correct?

But until you hear from the experts, I would suggest, get yourself a professional bundle of documentation together including:-
your invoice
print out from the digiwell website what you ordered
Some good propaganda page printouts, with what and why people are using the same products as you.
Have qued up on your phone some informative videos.

Customs officers are not robots, it will be a duty question or a legality to import question.
So as long as you are not trying to evade duty and are not importing illegal products for nefarious means.

Legitimate products from legitimate companies for legitimate purposes;
you should be fine, they should be happy.

Unfortunately not the best experience for you so far, but you will be happy when you have them and excited when they are in you! :syringe:
Good luck


Yup, nothing to hide here. So, I believe it should be fine.

Thanks for the valuable info!

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Would you know if the parcel has a C22 custom form attached ? These are required when sending commercial goods to most countries.

You need to contact Digiwell really.

If anything, provide the invoice as already mentioned. The custom codes for the item should be within the C22 but if not then Digiwell can provide these.

I can only speak for how we operate at KSEC but hopefully you’re stuff is sorted soon !


I think I have direct contact to Patrick at DigiWell who handled order for me.

Invoice already sent, with kind explanations and some screenshots :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed.


I’d just tell them they’re animal ID chips - which they are, human beings being part of the animal kingdom :slight_smile:


Yes, smart dogo. I can see the memes already :slight_smile:


Best case, it gets seen a few times.

Worst case, it goes viral and you are rich?

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Both KSEC & DT list them as microchips either unrecorded or smartcards

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I can confirm that Michelle always refrains from writing “Alien abductee tracker” or “Mark of the Beast” on the manifest :slight_smile:



Small update today, I got an email from customs.
They wrote me to send them a screenshot of email I received telling me to contact them. :smile:

I’m living in :banana: state, obviously…


Tell them you’re blind and send them a photo of a braille terminal:

Technically it’s a "screen"shot :slight_smile:


I got a reply from the customs.

They never had anything like this before. They looked at the images and explanations I sent, and they are worried :man_facepalming:

Then we had a phone call, and I immediately realized I’m speaking to a Slav boomer version of Karen, over the phone. She told me she browsed the website and saw ‘awful’ images :smiley: wtf…

Now she wants a licence/clearance from Medicines and Medical Devices Agency of Serbia, that will confirm I won’t stick it into my hand, as they saw on the digiwell website. :smile: :man_facepalming:

So, yea… thats my luck I guess.


Is it illegal where you are?

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I guess no. I hope the Karen is just scared and maybe religious.

Afaik it’s only illegal to make a chip mandatory for work. In theory you should be allowed to ram this needle in your hand.