Great company, great products, highly reccomended

So I recently started off with implants as a complete novice that got into it more out of frustration with always losing security tags. So I went ahead and ordered 2 NExT chips along with a KBR1, and a ACR122U. Accidentally leaving out a Proxmark needed to do any LF stuff or cool HF stuff. So free of any charge they sent one over. A while later while I was using it I must’ve put the USB in off center or something since it broke. And upon hearing it they offered to send another with the order I had placed for 2 XSIID’s (mainly with the intention of putting my credit card onto it but I mean, who can’t resist blinking lights) not only did they give me a second proxmark free of charge but when they saw I had a vivokey in my cart they offered to send it free of charge as well. Insane company, will definitely he coming back and reccomending in future. Great community as well. Incredibly helpful and always have very good suggestions


I hope you know that wont work. You need a payment conversion for that.

Where’s my free vivokey? :pensive: :joy:

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Order something, see what happens

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Totally unrelated, thinking about changing the name to Needful Things :wink:



That’s not even cool… a seed has been planted now


What did you not understand about Muhahahahah! ?

dr evil

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temptation but where oh where will i fit more :sob: mans got 16 in my hands rn

hey, you got


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im the same person debating putting one in my buttcheek till my faithful assistant said he wouldnt help me with it so maybe foot install

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How tall are you? 2" separation means you can get six per linear foot, and then you have to see how many you can get around you per row.

I think the naming scheme needs to be replaced. If we start a coordinate system with 0,0 at the navel, positive up and to the right, negative down and to the left… Would that work? We will need to determine a standard stance too.

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He is around 2 feet tall if memory serves correct :laughing:


Holup-I order stuff all the time…

Everyone loves something for nothing… even if it costs everything…

Also NEED to get my titan before my birthday on June 18th. :slight_smile:

Gosh we are a bunch of needy neederz


Thats my birthday! :birthday: We’re birthday brothers!


I’m shockingly close


Wait? So how much could I fit in my feet? Since my feet are EU size 50 (about the same length as an a4 sheet of paper)

That’s a pretty decent amount of space. Kind of unlucky since like a quarter of my left foot has lost feeling from stepping on a piece of glass, oof

6"4 in real world units but to those on the discord, 4"11

Real world units would be 1.93m


Imaginary world units would be 1.93i (or j if you are an electrical engineer)

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tenor (10)

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You do realise that makes you ~6 Inches or ~4 Inches tall (~15cm or 10cm )
4 - 6 times this guy

6 feet 4 inches would be written as 6 ’ 4 ”