Hak5 Keysey and NeXT

Do you think the new Hak5 keysey is likely to have the potential to brick the NeXT implant as the Chinese blue cloners can? Has anyone got their hands on one yet?

From what I understand of this device, yes, because its not a flaw in the cloner so much as the chip doesn’t have “tear protection” so it doesn’t know when the write is down, so if you lost signal a bit through the write it can brick.


OK thanks. I have a proxmark 3 on its way so I’ll wait for that :+1: since posting I’ve seen the huge post talking about the problems. My implant should arrive this week so I’ll do proper research before attempting to program anything, I’m just keen to have all the tools to hand when it arrives :slight_smile:

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I just got my NeXT implant and so far I only written to the NFC because I’m waiting for a stronger antenna for my pm3. Making sure the connection is strongest before writing should save you the trouble of bricking. I’m going to see what type of coupling I can manage in a week or so once I know its settled and no swelling.

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Is there a concensus on the best antenna for the proxmark 3 rdv4.01 to use?

I haven’t read about any that are consistently great at coupling, except the one that is being developed here.

This is correct.

We were also exploring the idea of getting a customized Keysy together that has much better antennas for x-series implants… but the cost would be unfuckingbelievable so it’s probably not going to happen… like… tack on another $100 to the hak5 price for a customized DT version… how many of you would pay that?


I think I’d pay for a keysy customisation kit… Even if it lost its form factor to save cost.


I just got my NeXT 2 days ago and cloned my work badge (HID Proxcard II) to it with a Proxmark3 easy clone from ebay (the $60 Chinese one). I used the stock antenna and successfully cloned onto it with no problems. Immediately after I was able to confirm that my normal work badge and the NeXT were reading the same value via the Proxmark3.
Like you, I was worried after reading everything in the xEM clone threads. However I decided since this was a one-time write (at least as long as I keep my job) I just went for it and hoped for the best. However, I may have just been lucky.
I also own a Keysy and was tempted to use it but decided against it since I was afraid of the lack of input available on the Keysy - at least with the proxmark you can see what is being read/written in a terminal.