Hand Implants for payments (Australia)

Hey guys!

So I’ve been extremely interested in getting an implant in my hand for visa/debt card payment BUT I know that there’s no “legitimate” way to have this as au banks aren’t allowing this new technology into their system and no doubt they’ll never accept it!

I’m a girl, 24 years old and I don’t know what all the short codes and whatnot mean, but I wanna know if someone can help me make a chip that I can put in an implant to make payments?! I’m so so interested in having a chip that I can pay with in my hand but I have no idea where to start with making my own chip?

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Hey! The CoM conversion is probably your best bet. If you already have a tap-to-pay card–take a close look at the chip. Watch the video and check out the pictures here for what you’re looking for. If you don’t have a CoM card, I believe the Cash App cards are CoM. If you do end up a CoM care, head to the payment conversion page and read the CoM instructions before ordering.

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Hey! Thanks for the reply!

I watched the video and o don’t think my card is a CoM card as it doesn’t have the small bump things on the chip?

I think as well, the cash app card USA only? So I couldn’t use that card :frowning:

Hmm, it doesn’t look like it. Can you shine a light behind the chip? If you see lines running towards it, definitely not. @Pilgrimsmaster is fairly close to your part of the world and might know some options.

We have some crossover banks here in NZ.

I’ve answered similar before, HERE


Westpac did have a smart tag that was a viable conversion.
I think they stopped doing them in NZ, but you might want to confirm with OZ Westpac.

I personally had an ASB conversion done.
It was fantastic.
A really awesome option.
Unfortunately ASB no longer do these anymore.
but heres my writeup

There were a couple of other options, but as tap to pay on phones are more prevalent. its more difficult to find “pay tag” type style cards (generally an easy conversion)

personally for me, I only have my Crypto.com card as an CoM conversion option.
Some onfo here

Fidesmo indicated they may be expanding to Australia, but im not sure where that is at currently.
if it happens, there may be an option for you.

keep an eye out for Banks offering things like payment stickers, fobs, keyrings, wristbands etc.
generally good options for conversions.

Also check out travel credit cards, you might get lucky.

Outside of that, im keeping an eye on Swatch Pay and a few others to come downunder.
Ill be letting people know when something pops up in our neck of the woods.

in the meantime, ask your mates to see their credit cards and look for the telltale indicators for a CoM conversion

Some more info here

I know its overwhelming, but any questions, just ask.

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I shined a light and there’s 2 lines left and right of the chip, it goes around in like a smallish rectangle sorta shape, then a long line down the bottom of the card :frowning:

Definitely not a CoM. You should start keeping an eye out in your travels and ask to check the cards of people you know with different banks to see if they have those little squiggly lines. If you find any feel free to post the name of the bank for posterity.


I was checking my parents cards and I noticed that my mum had a card with 3 squiggles on it, but her other 2 cards didn’t have it and all 3 cards are with the same bank, and it’s the same bank I’m with too. Possibly could be a newer chip?

For anyone who wants to know, the bank is Suncorp and her card with the 3 modules was just an every day basics debit card (which is the same as mine which is weird that I don’t have it?)


Possibly could be a newer chip?

It’s hard to say. You could probably guess based on the expiration date compared to yours.

PLEASE I NEED HELP ON payment conversion for an E-GO card


Do you have a link to E-GO?

Yes it’s a newer chip but I don’t have the expiry date but I got 2 years ago

Can you scan with taginfo and share full scan data here?

No I don’t not have links

Dude, you need to help us to help you…

We want you to get a payment conversion, but we need more info.

Looking at your time zone, is that USA central Texas, Illinois, Kansas…around the middle somewhere… :man_shrugging: i dont know, im not American.

What I actually want to know, is

Where can people buy E-GO card?
It sounds like a transit card, is that what it is or is it a payment card?
Do you have a photo?
Specifically of the chip if it has one…

Do this :point_up:

here’s how :point_down:

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What exactly do you think people are discussing in this thread? No one is trying to “create chips”, legal or otherwise.

What do you suggest they say to their bank or payment technology company, and what do you expect the response will be?


We already know what Master Card thinks…