Kiwis or aussies only - Implant Payment

in seeing how much support over the last two years we have gained in regards to contactless payments here in nz and from when I lived in aus they were pretty much already there it now possible to do a more permanent payment based implant here in NZ i have only really seen info in regards to the US where this technology isn’t quite common or the same as what we have. all I’m asking is would it be possible and on what chip?

Hey mate.
as a fellow Kiwi with a custom payment conversion, I can’t speak highly enough about it and the service from Dangerous Things.

It works fantastically with every reader I have come across over the last 12 months.

Unfortunately ASB no longer do the Pay tag.
WESTPAC still do

Although this isn’t shown on the DT Payment Conversion page, I am 95% sure it will work.
When my ASB one expires I will be getting a WESTPAC one
Have a read of this

sing out with any questions

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Westpac just stopped giving them out. I managed to get one though and you might be able to if you’re quick
With the app don’t log in, press the “wallets and wearables” button, then put in your password.
Signing in first gave me the “were no longer selling these” page, same as the webpage

When you’re ready to send it, go with parcel Post. I know it’s more expensive but I’ve sent 2 as letters and they haven’t arrived, Amal said letters have been unreliable so I’ll send my last spare as a parcel

i was meaning more permanent similar to the walletmor chips in the eu where u can load money to the chip to pay

:frowning: I had issues where it seems my everyday choice youth account wasn’t detected as an everyday choice account, but it might also be because I’ve not verified my ID. Might try do that today and ask them in person.

That doesn’t exist yet :frowning:
I just put through an order for another spare so the method I said does still work

Apologies, I linked to to Aussie Westpac, I updated my post above for the NZ one, and here also

It is still available in NZ

Don’t let the Expiry date put you off, It sounds like a short time, but I have had a lot of use in the year I have had mine and I still have years to go…

Oh that’s good. yeah 4 years is plenty, and hopefully we’ll have the apex or waletmore by then

If you require another bank in Australia, there is one. Heritage provides a HOVA band that can be cut open and shipped to DT.

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