Harassment for being a cyborg?

Anything is removable with a big enough blade :slight_smile:


That escalated quickly… :open_mouth:


Ian sent me an email on August 20th that said I should expect my purewrist in 2-3 weeks. I’m gonna wait until exactly 10th before I message them back asking any questions. He also suggested I spread the word, so I’ll definitely be posting about my experience and anything Amal and I can glean about the chip on a separate thread.


I didn’t get one saying that. Hmm. Kinda wonder if I we have been had. The kickstarter is full of not happy people. I really hope for the best, but in either case, my new bank has tap to pay cards.



I recently had a 100+ comment-long thread on some random instagram post after mentioning in the comments that I had a chip implant. This guy was clearly beyond reasoning with and at one point tried to argue that not only was the moon landing not real, the moon and even space wasn’t real. What a mess.
Also had an interesting conversation with every hairdresser in the salon (I was the only customer at the time) about modernity’s impacts on religious traditionalism, and my generation’s backlash to traditional views through the use of technology. It was pretty interesting, with my father being a priest I’ve gotten used to the whole “mark of the beast” conversation with actual theologians, and it was profound to have the same level of conversation with normal people who haven’t dedicated their life to religious studies. Refreshing, actually.

Tbh I’ve had the most resistance from my family leading up to installing the chip. I waited to announce it to my gf and father until it was already done, which was a mistake.

Most people, once I explain what it is, don’t seem to have any particular views on it beyond not personally wanting to do it (they seem to feel the need to tell me this as if I were asking them to). Occasionally though I’ll get a religious nut pestering me about it on FB or Insta, but most people’s questions seem to stem from a lack of understanding, sometimes fear, but not hatred. I find that resistance comes from fear, and fear comes from a lack of understanding most of the time. I have yet to use it “in the wild” so that’ll be interesting.

Bottom line, you do you. Don’t spend time worrying about what everyone else out there thinks. I do think that the opinions of those you love should be taken into consideration, but just remember that you have likely put more research and thought into it than they have… but a chip can always wait, relationships maybe not so much. I nearly had to learn the hard way. My 2 cents. I have a whole thread about explaining it to my family…

It’s the tenth. Emailed today:
“Should be at your doorstep in the next week or two.”


Reactions range from amazement to shock and horror.

No abuse, but I’m a big guy in my mid 50’s packing heat so intimidation is on my side when needed.

I might reach out also. I haven’t heard anything yet

Honestly we might be some of their only customers ATM :laughing:

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So far I haven’t gotten a single fun or exciting reaction… :-/

So far it ranges from
“oh that’s cool I guess”
“Huh that’s weird”

What the hell…

i got my xNT installed over christmas break when i was in my senior year of high school. stars aligned just right that my english teacher gave us an assignment for the first week back, where we had to do a presentation on something science fiction-y concept that is/has become a reality, so i took the opportunity to try and shed some light on where we are now and how this technology is much closer than people realize. it went really well, except i didn’t think until a couple days later that i should’ve waited to reveal that i was augmented after i gave my presentation, and people had time to form their own opinions on it, rather than me being a sortof a ‘relatable safetypost’ or however you’d want to call it.

more to the point, the response was really surprising. when my first slide explained the term and concept of biohacking and grinding, and the idea of people cutting themselves open and shoving electronics under their skin, i got the expected shock and disgust. but as i went on and introduced the different types of implants currently available to everyone, and explained how they worked, and how they didn’t work, the different applications for them, and then on to other things that were being worked on, and the potential of where this movement could go, everyone was surprisingly intrigued. a couple even asked where they could get an xNT like i had, tho whether or not they actually got one, i have no way of knowing.the teacher and a couple of students were very religious, and seemed totally cool with everything after i’d explained everything.

kindof a wall of text, but i think the environment this stuff is introduced in probably helps a lot with peoples’ impressions of this sort of thing. other than being completely disowned by by my grandparents, that pretty much covers all of my experience with meatbag responses. everyone else that knows about my augs are close, likeminded friends.


I feel like you should give us some of THAT story if willing to share


WHAT the fuck were you thinking Jake?
Don’t you know the government can track you even easier now?
Or Bill Gates give you Covid,
Or you become a 5G cell tower
Or you will go to hell
Or Amal will assimilate you into his cyborg army

Quick, take my tinfoil hat and wrap it around your hand the cut it out before it’s too late…


Is that something that is shareable, I’m sure there would be a few people here interested in reading it, and even giving you a mark :wink:



not really much of a story, to be honest. they’re super heavily religious people, always had me on thin ice cause i’m agnostic, and then they almost lost their shit when i introduced them to my lesbian girlfriend. kinda started pretending i didn’t exist after that, and then i willingly injected myself with a microchip, and now they refuse to be anywhere near me. on the one hand, i don’t really care cause i always kinda hated them, but at the same time, the way they looked at me when i upgraded still kinda bothers me, even if it’s been a few years.

sadly, no. all that stuff was kept on my school’s google drive thing, which was deleted a few months after i graduated. it was really just basic information most everyone here probably already knows. condensed, bite-sized experiment write ups and product pages, that sort of stuff, as well as boiled down procedures, to give an idea of what exactly you were walking into. i think i also had some stuff on neuralink, but that was before they even started doing anything public, so a lot of that section is seriously outdated.
honestly, i’ve been kinda tempted to revise it,


I’m from London UK and I would say 90% of people react badly to my implant, 10% love it. But ahwell I love it and they ain’t gotta get one!




I can see why.

You should take pride in being looked down upon by idiots :slight_smile:


Don’t get my hopes up.