Has anyone tried Commax locks?

I just saw COMMAX CDL-100WL Digital RFID Lever Lock on Amazon and I really like its low profile. You could easily put in on a bedroom door or home office without it looking too ridiculous. It’s what appealed to me about the UL1 from Ultraloq, but it’s half the price.

But before I buy something like this, I was wondering if anyone knows what type of chip Commax uses for their locks. I tried searching their website, the CDL-100WL manual, and elsewhere on the internet, but I haven’t had any luck. I couldn’t even find what frequency they use.

Anyone have any experience with this company? If so, how’s their quality?

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They are HF locks according to the Korean FCC. Can’t find any documents to tell exactly what tags they use.
I’m pretty sure I saw this company at the ISC West show last year. I don’t remember seeing this lock, but their other push/pull locks did not read glass implants very well. I feel like they were using mifare cards, but don’t quote me on it. I don’t think they were using anything but the UID.

I’f I had a need for a door handle like this, I’d buy one to try, but I need a deadbolt, not a handle.


You probably already have the same information I found, but just incase.
I also tried to find some more info online but came up short.
I tried searching with keywords Commax Mifare etc to force a result but to no avail.

I downloaded the manual but there was no mention within; however it did state
“When registering or re-registering a smart key, you must register
all your keys together. Other smart key or transportation card will
not be registered. Also, registered smart keys are for digital door
lock only. It may not operate to other products.
This sounds like they MAY use proprietary software.
I then tried finding spare “Smart Keys” to buy and confirm, but had no luck there either.
The lock has been available for just over a year but not a great deal of information on it.

Unless somebody else comes up with the answers, you might have to contact the manufacturer directly.

South Korea (GMT+9)

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Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster! It’s so strange that there’s not any info about it anywhere. Do you know if a proxmark3 would be able to detect which type of key it’s trying to read?

Ah that’d be perfect if it was a mifare they were using. I’m planning on getting a flexM1 for my next implant.

Have you found any deadbolts you like? I’ve heard good things about the old Samsung locks. It’s a shame they changed the firmware though.

I don’t know I’m afraid, however, if anything would be able to read it, it would be a Proxmark.

It would be great to just get access to a keycard to test.

Surely they sell spares. Might even send a freebie if they thought they could get some business. Never hurts to ask. They have a twitter account even, if you want to reach out to them.

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I did look for spares initially, but couldn’t find any. You are correct in the fact that it is possible to reach out to them.
I wouldn’t do Twitter ( Social media :nauseated_face: )
But I have contacted them online and asked for a trial keyfob/ card and I am awaiting their reply.
I’m not the best person to do this as my Proxmark knowledge is limited at best, But I will give it a crack and ask for help or send it to somebody else if needed…
I will let you know what they say

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https://fccid.io/CCECDL-107U/Test-Report/Test-Report-15-225-4203105 don’t know if this helps it mostly has a bunch of stuff I don’t understand lol. This is for a deadbolt from the same company the user manual lists the card type as ISO14443A PART3 TYPE. You would think they would keep the card the same across products.

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This jives with what I know… the lock body and keypad looks exactly like a sample lock I got from a lock factory in China that was doing whitelabels. It used Mifare 1k “classic” fobs. We considered it as a starting point for the VivoKey door lock, but it had several problems. First off, it required more “supporting” holes be put into the door for support screws than just using the lock hole, which omits it for use in rental properties.

The most important fail was the keypad. The keypad itself is very touchy and would activate in the rain. The firmware also was set up in a very dumb way, which was if the keypad became activated, the RFID function would turn off… so rather than setting it up smartly so the RFID reader was only active if you touched the keypad to wake things up, it would be active all the time… untill the keypad was touched, then it would turn off… wtf? This makes it nearly impossible to use with an implant, and difficult to use with a keyfob.


I have tested the COMMAX DR-4UM/RFID (125 kHz EM) which is common and widely available in the Czech republic. It is not a problem to clone a fob/card, but the antenna/coil is placed on the PCB in the bottom part of the lock and kind of far from the aluminum(!) cover. The total distance when trying to use an implant is about two centimetres and sadly it does not read either T5577 test pet implant nor the NeXT.

Whatever you say, chief.

So, excellent battery life in Cascadia then. It should be right up your alley :slight_smile: