Have you ever tried to keep a implant secret and someone's found out what was their response

I have managed to keep my implants a secret for over 2yrs now thankfully no one has and me about them if you have been found out please tell your story

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Are you supposed to disclose that you have these now?

I guess it all depends on where and what you use your chips for. But unless you are surrounded by crazies, I wouldn’t worry too much about this.

No I’m just asking the community out of curiousity

Some people are more vocal than others but as you found out, chances are that no one will realize that you have it unless you show them.

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Ye true

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Not a lot of people know you have implants unless you show them like enginerd said. That is why I am keeping the implant secret from some people.

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I’ve told a couple people but I trust them with my life

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I mean unless you tell them, or they are feeling on your implant sites… I would say absolutely no chance…

But some people do have thinner skin or something and they bulge just a smidge, even then though,

  1. Nobody cares
  2. Even those that care don’t pay enough attention

Have you ever carefully examined your friends hands for the smallest of bumps and then thought what it might be? No, see #1


I fully agree. One of my NFC implants is pretty visible when I move my hand or even when it’s resting. Nobody has ever asked about it.


As @Eriequiet and @SnarkBe mentioned, you don’t need to announce to the world that your getting this done, unless you are a minor and need parental approval. Even then, you can limit the amount of people in-the-know.

I have a NExT implant on my right hand, and the only people that know are my close friends and family, and anybody who sees me actively use it. There are people in my social bubble that I have not told purely because they would have a negative reaction, and that’s ok.


I usually go the other way. I tell anyone who will listen, lol! Most people don’t care, some think it’s weird but quickly move on, some are really interested. I was telling one person about a payment implant and they were like, “What if someone attacked you and cut your hand off?!” I said “OR, they could just steal my wallet and get all the same stuff.” They got quiet and said “Oh. yeah…”


Can’t imagine there are too many people out there who hang out with the type of person who would chop them up (or g o places where that’s common). And for the people who do, I suspect they’re very polite, so as to avoid being chopped up. O.o


I wasn’t really trying to hide the fact that I got my implant, I told just about everybody at work.

I work in IT, and one day we were moving desks from one office to another.

I went to go into the office the desk was going in, with the building manager and my boss behind me.

I not thinking anything of it, scanned my hand, confused the building managersays "What the F**k was that?

So I told him about my implant. He then questioned my boss about whether or not it is a security violation.

My boss, knowing I can clone cards, backed me up! Saying that we can just delete it out of the door system. (I’m not going to clone somebody else’s access but I could I do make badges!)


Less of a risk as you are unlikely to lose your hand, whereas it is all too easy to lose your pass.


And I never leave my hand at home when I walk out of my house, half asleep, at 7:30 in the morning…


I work in IT also…first day after cloning my work badge, I show my boss, he was amused. While walking back to our desks we pass the CEO, and my boss goes “Hey [CEO], come check this out!” I’m thinking :poop:.

Luckily, working in healthcare, he was just puzzled and the only thought in his mind was “won’t that get infected?”. :sweat_smile:. Glad he didn’t hate it lol.


i will not confirm nor deny

(i have seen small bumps in p0 on other people’s hands a few times and thought “could it be?”)

never asked though


I once saw a random stranger with a bandaid on L0 and thought the exact same thing…


I openly share that I have one with people I believe would have their interests piqued by the concept of it, such as my computer science college peers. :] Some aren’t very thrilled but they like to see what I can do with them! I got called a devil worshipper one time because one of my implants is in my left hand. Other than that, most people that see me use my implants, just think it’s cool and ask some basic questions which is when I geek out and they tend to not follow along haha. :]


I’ve never understood the devil worshiper aspect of implants. To be fair, though, I’m not exactly in the bible belt. 9 years of catholic school though, and never anything to do with signs of the devil. Weird. :japanese_ogre: