Hello world. Introducing myself

Hi. So I’m Ginger, everybody calls me Ginger… I’m not new to body mods, I’ve been into piercing and tattoo since I was 16, but I am new to biohacking, obsessed also I must say.

I have been always very obsessed with tech, cyberpunk lore and tech body augmentations, I looked into it a few years back but nothing too fancy was available so I passed… Now a few days ago, I don’t know why, I did a google searched again and I was impressed with all the new stuff available. I’m hooked. I want to get into this because I feel now is the right time to do it for me, I also feel we the fearless have the responsibility to try, test and make body mods a mainstream topic, so we can shape a future where body mods and biohacking is something normal, like smartphones today.

I started my research on Bioteq, a company based in the UK that sells and installs biochips. Then that led me to Biohax in Sweden, and now I’m here at DT, which so far is the supplier that offers the broadest variety of implants.

A bit about myself… The most identifying thing about me is my lifestyle. I’m a nomad and I’ve been for 5 years now. I’ve lived in a caravan for a couple years, hopped on trains, I absolutely love 4 wheelers and I own a crazy modded LR Defender which I love. I’m always on the move and I usually work in Forestry.

Happy to meet people that won’t look at me weird for a change. :tada:


Guessing you’re from the UK based on saying “caravan” lol

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Hahahaha I’m actually from Spain, but I live in the UK now, around Scotland.

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Maybe not :slight_smile:


EDIT: hmm, too slow.


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Gracias! I’m trilingual so no probs with English hahaha

That much is obvious :wink:

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Who else would call a camper or a RV , a caravan lol

Well actually it wasn’t either a camper or an rv, it was a tourer. The ones you tow with your car. So not sure we’re referring to the same type wheeled home.

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That’s still a camper,

More specifically if it unfolds vertically, it can also be called a “pop up” camper

Caravan is such a weird word for it lol
I refuse to accept that tourer is even a word

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Girl comes here to find comradery in a place where she won’t always be singled out as the wierdo in the room and you’re on about what she calls her vehicle?? :laughing:

Welcome to the community! We’re here to help if you want to learn and I’m excited to see your contributions to the space!

What kind of mods are you interested in getting currently, and what kind of crazy but maybe attainable stuff were you thinking of when you decided to get back into cyborg stuff?


She might as well get used to thread derailment early on. It is kind of a tradition here.


She clearly called it a mobile home at least, definitely not a vehicle :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all in fun
I do mean the best, and of course all cyborgs and future augmented humans are welcome

…I just… such weird usage of words over the pond,
This is what happens with too much metric in your life

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Hola, enjoy the scenery!

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I’ll say, even if you call your mobile home weird things, I am a bit jealous…

I’ve often dreamed of cutting strings and just hitting the road

But I always had to many things holding me back, and after getting married this year, there’s no chance now

Maybe for my mid life crisis

I do think I would struggle with not having the various bins of parts and odds and ends for diy

Too much stuff not enough space, but I guess that’s some of the appeal,

Assuming your portable residence uses cam locks, you might be able to integrate some rfid locks in easier that most

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Si, ya nos estamos :man_shrugging:derailing :man_shrugging:… derailementos :man_shrugging: , ?no deberia este todo eso en Espanol?

I’ve done it. Post divorce. Me, the cat, and a 31 ft long class A Winnebago for two years. I loved camping near the lake and waking up to the wind off the water with the waves 20 ft from my bed. I kinda hated how drafty it was and impossible to heat in the winter. (sure made the cat snuggly)

I wouldn’t go back to it, but for a time it was the best thing for me.

And Welcome @Gingerr!


Si descarrilamos en español tal vez no se den cuenta. :smile:


When I was 13 or 14, I started to live in a 8-square-meters construction trailer - it was stationary, but does that count too? :smile:
When I was 16, my current (!) beloved one joined me there, and we lived there together for four years.

Honestly, I’m soo happy to live in a “proper house” now… but even though it’s nothing for myself, I like to nomad lifestyle.

This here. A lot. Maybe we should really make a “derailer”-badge or something like that for 2021, guess I might be at least in the top 3 or so :stuck_out_tongue:

So, finally - Hey Ginger, welcome to the bunch of crazies! :slight_smile:


I’m very tempted by a tiny house. So, not nomad, but very small and minimalist. The missy, not so much though.

Still, by Finnish standards, our current abode is rather small at 800 sq. ft. But I want smaller.

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Sorry, I only speak metric, and I’m too lazy to get my calculator out :stuck_out_tongue:
But yeah, tiny houses are sometimes designed in an incredibly intelligent way, I like that - like, there is always every bit of space used in a clever way. I just enjoy having space to dance, or move, or from time to time retreat to a room and not go on my darling’s nerves, if neccessary…^^