Help cloning ISO15693 tag

I have a door access card that I want to make a clone of. This is what I am getting when I do a scan. Is it possible to create a clone of this card and what card/fob should I buy to clone it into?

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I don’t really know if there is a magic icode tag or not you could clone it to… maybe?

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This maybe your best bet

This is what I would suggest:
Get the card
Try to clone
If the clone appears successful, test it on the door.
If it works, contact Amal about some custom work.

Which I can highly recommend

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What commands on the pm3 would I use to clone it once I get the card. Would it just be

hf 15 dump
and then
hf 15 restore filename

I haven’t tried it myself,

however, if it is simply the UID you need then it will be something like

hf 15 csetuid -u E00401086AB780D2

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