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I have a vivokey spark in my left hand. I have an acr122 that I would like to use to get into my PC. My PC is using Active Directory, and is running windows 10 pro. Is there a configuration that currently works for this? TIA

not at this time. that said, is it a spark 1 or spark 2?

Wouldn’t the KBR1 work as an alternative? Id based login?
Or is it random id?

sorta… there is active directory involved here so to use the kbr1 which just types the ID out, they would have to convince the IT department to allow their password to be changed to the ID… which might be possible… but most places have 1990s era password policies still which require a mix of capitals and numbers etc.

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also this would only work with the spark 2, not the spark 1

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It is a spark 2. This is an active directory server that is at my home, so no permission problems.

If UID-only login is acceptable and you want to keep your regular Windows password, and you manage to get your hands on an NFC reader that spews out the UID on a serial port (real serial or USB serial) there’s always Rohos Logon Key and my craptastic Python script.

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We’ve used the NExT and xNT for this before and an ACS acr112u

I believe the pro version of isolog can do this

If you’re referring to Islog Logon, I tried to evaluate it last year, but I couldn’t download the trial version of the paid software on the company’s site, nor could I find it anywhere else, nor was I able to contact the company. Back then I concluded that it was abandonware. The only thing you can get now is the free community version, which is limited of course.

(Which goes to show that open-source is better. But I digress…)

Correct !

This was a couple of years back but had it setup with the free version for demos etc.

Not a Vivokey but an option!

Islog Logon works for a standalone PC, but it doesn’t handle domain logons. At least the community version doesn’t. That’s why I wanted to evaluate - and pay for, had it worked - the non-free version. But apparently them guys don’t want nobody’s business.

So I tried Rohos instead and never looked back.

Yeah you need the pro version as it’s not included with the community one.

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I’ll have to check that out

Look around on the DT forum, I’ve been raving about that thing ever since I got here - and taken flak for it :slight_smile:

Yep, :money_mouth_face: there’s another commission coming your way @anon3825968 :wink:

You know what? I’m starting to feel bad each time I mention it now - to the point where I’m considering porting my own software to Windows just to avoid plugging it :slight_smile:

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I’ll give rohos a try. Thanks!

Soon, I promise.

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