Help getting a biomagnet in Ohio

I’ve been wanting a biomagnet for 7 years now (Jesus) but never had the money nor balls nor plan. I want it in my left ring finger 45 degrees to the right of the fingerprint. I’ve had my eye on the xG3 but i think it may be too big. I live in central Ohio and laws are kind of weird here regarding scalpel procedures and numbing injections. Does anyone have any ideas? I want it to be as least noticable as possible once fully healed, and i want it for sensing not lifting.


You really want the Titan. It’s perfect for what you want.

I wish I could help with the installer, but I’m sure somebody will chime in who lives more in your area.

And I totally get what it means to wait for years.

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If you only have the $ £ € ¥ for an xG3

The xG3 v1 is axially magnetized and is designed to be a jack of all trades type magnetic implant, meant to provide some gentle sensing and discrete lifting capabilities. The xG3 v2 is diametrically magnetized and designed to be used exclusively as a strong lifting magnet.


You will want the xG3 V1


There has been discussion around this for a while

Do me a favour;

Use the search function for “xG3 finger”

Summary, Worked for some, not so much for others

If you want sensing and can afford it, get yourself a TiTAN


Thanks for the info! The reason I’m making a new topic is because I’m looking for advice on 1) what’s the best magnet for the job (obviously the titan at this point), and more seriously im looking for advice on 2) how to get it installed professionally in Ohio. I went back at least 6 months worth of posts and didn’t see anything that fit the second thing I’m looking for.

As for the money, I’m not too concerned. I don’t take surgery lightly. I’ll save up for the right one rather than jump for the cheap one.

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Mid West correct?

There are a few Midwesterners I can think of.

here’s a discussion,

they will probably will be the best ones to give you some direction

Good decision

can’t help the ohio thing, but i have a titan in my right ring fnger and my xg3 v2 in my left ring finger - from my PERSONAL experience, the xg3 v2 is better.

my thought is installation. the xg3 comes in a convenient, albeit scary af, injector needle. the titan required cutty cutty with a scalpel.

if this is your FIRST implant - i suggest grabbing an xSIID (i like colory blinkies) and get that installed somewhere else in your hands so your brain can get the scaryness of it overcome.

finger tip installs are hard. MOST people have enough meat in their fingers, so unless you have Salad Fingers it shouldn’t be too far fetched.