Midwest meetup🤖 / cyborgs conquer Chicago

I think there’s at least 3-5 of is from the Midwest United States,( probably a hundred ) but I can’t remember who’s from where to save my life

@Backpackingvet mentioned if we were ever having drinks… and I figured… why shouldn’t we make that happen? Let’s CAPRE that DIEM, (or NOCTUM, for my circadian divergent peeps)

A couple people mentioned Chicago, and it seems to be a decent middle ground

We need to figure out a when and where, but I’m game if you guys are

Depending on interest, we can scale it from just casual drinks as internet friends… to possibly coaching some newbies on the ins and outs of joining our dangerous community

Let me know what you think


I would for sure be interested in a Chicago meetup.

As mentioned in the anti-derailment thread, Chicago works well for me, although anywhere in Illinois or Indiana would work just as well for the most part (lower Michigan too, for that matter).

I’d be good with anything. I turn 21 in about a week, so for once I’d actually be able to get drinks haha. Could also do a help session for stuff like Proxmarks, if there was interest.

Timing is a bit tricky, but given enough lead time I can probably make it work (unless I’ve got an exam or something).

Not sure how soon you were thinking, but I’m fully free from December 20th til January 5th or so (winter break). There’s spring break as well, in mid-March.

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I would be most interested in that.

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I will take any help I can get lol

Do we want to try to shoot for sometime around Christmas breaks?

On the one hand, more people will be off work and what not, on the other holidays get complicated as hell,

Just a spit ball


I’d love to join if it’s late December or later. March would work well for me too since I’m in school as well.

December is pretty short notice for me. We have to plan our PTO out a year in advance where I work, so it can be complicated. It will be easier to switch shifts if it isn’t in December.

I can sure try though


I’m in the same boat as far as taking time off. December is our busy season and pretty short notice.

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Maybe mid-March would work best then? College students like me and @invalid_signal would have time off for spring break (hopefully they align), and it would give more lead time to anyone who needs to get time off for work. It’s not quite a year, but it’d give @Backpackingvet a bit more time to try and figure things out on his end.

Also, Chicago in late December or January is a bit miserable weather-wise, so March would help a little in that respect. Probably still gonna be chilly, but not having to drive through snow would be nice.


Yea let’s skip late December then

How’s mid March sound for you guys?

A year in advance to put in for PTO sounds borderline criminal


Healthcare perks. I just need the date asap

For March, I should be able to do any time March 12-20th. @invalid_signal , when’s your break?

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March 12-13 would be good for me, any later and it will be wedding craziness potentially (26th)

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Sounds like the 12th works best for you guys.

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I’m flexible ish, if something works better

@darthdomo The 12th would work perfect for me!
That’s the start of my spring break.

Where about in Chicago? I think I may fly in Friday and fly out Sunday. My mom wants to see me in New Orleans on my spring break so it’d be easier to just fly out from Chicago instead of driving back to KS and then flying out lol

Alas, I’m stuck in Minnesota (Minneapolis is home, I go to college a bit further south). Unfortunately my spring break isn’t until the week of the 21st. :frowning:

What if we did the Sat or Sun of March 19th or 20th then?

I could theoretically do the 19th and then drive/fly back up early on the 20th. There are a few other variables that are in play that I won’t know about for a while. Go ahead and make plans without me, and I’ll see what I can do.