Help me choose a lock?

After going through the compatibility matrix for my NExT and Spark 2, it looks like choices currently available on (or at least linked to) Amazon that automatically lock themselves come down to these two:

Any chance owners of either of these locks could chime in with their experience thus far?

@mikeymo101 ? @Intector ? Anyone else?

id get the laxre. ive worked with them before and theyre nice standalone units that have nice and decent antennas fofr coupling. in my experience at least they provide a good quality for price

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Both appear to use the TTLock app so chances are that they’re made by the same company.

Also, I remember seeing in at least one original post about these locks that there’s a sound that can be enabled/disabled when the lock is authenticated. Can this sound be edited to a new file easily?

there’s also this

which looks to be the same minus the finger print reader… which I don’t think I want anyways…
Implant, digital code, and mechanical are good enough for me… assuming it works

I also see a couple OTHER random amazon flyby night company names… that look to be the exact same thing… finger print at the top, capacitive touchpad, and mechanical lock in the bottom…
probably all using the same internals at the very least

of the 2 you linked…
I would probably go with the yamiry

my only reason are…
the yamiry review on the forum is 2 years newer…
samsung changed their firmware to stop enrolling non proprietary cards… ( bitchs )

the Laxre review is much older…

do I think they actually changed their firmware? no… but who knows

also the laxre thread has a user having unresolved issues enrolling an implant,
maybe he fixed it… maybe it was user error…

but I see 1 of 2 being sucessful with laxre, and 1/1 being successful with yamiry

not really useful numbers… but you gotta lean one way or the other

Easily?! well, sorta, kinda, maybe

You can’t do it in the app itself, just an on off option.
I haven’t tried this myself ( because I no longer have the app), but I used to have an app called .apk editor.
And there were 2 options.
~“full edit” or simple edit.
With simple edit, you could change images and audio files etc.

So this is the “kinda, maybe” option…

this is also pretty cheap…

I found if you search for “IC card” rather than RFID or NFC you get more hits

here’s another option

if you watch the amazon video, it looks like the antenna is only behind the small black square at the top, that might give a better chance to couple with implants? I know sometimes smaller antennas are good

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I’m going to check with my landlord, that I’m allowed to change locks so long as they have a key,

if so, I might pick up one of these

I might try to rebit the lock if possible

Well… my apt won’t let me

So now I guess I have to explore other avenues

How mutch restricted are you? The idea of striker plate and access control system should be doable with minimal visibility.

Given they won’t let me change the deadbolt, I doubt they will let me install a striker plate that will require actual modification to the door frame

I need to get or make something like a gimdow, and rig it for rfid

I might take another shot at talking to the manager again, this time trying to pitch that I can get the new lock rekeyed to match the original

I’m beginning to suspect they are using a mastering system, and me installing my own lock wouldn’t be able to be opened with their master

I don’t like the idea of there being a master key,
Anyone can find out the master one their own lock and then have the key to the entire complex


If you are going to put this work into it I would think about something like middle piece between inside doorknob/handle and lock itself that would be able to transfer rotation in case of someone opening from inside and had disconnect and motor for actuation from access system.

As for master keying there are two possibilities if it is solution provided by lock manufacturer or lazy locksmith it will be possible to create master key by comparing master wafer location to key associated to that lock.

If it was created on demand by locksmith there could be fake master wafers that make it harder and they would require more than one lock to find it or they would have to try more than one key possibility on different locks.

They don’t want me to alter their lock

My only option is a device that turns the deadbolt from the inside

The other question is where to put the reader? You might need to hide it for this to work.

I’d likely just wrap it around the door and have an exposed reader puck

I’m not altering their door, nor their lock… so I don’t think they would be afoul of their policy

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Maybe I am just not thinking about exactly same lock as you. Eurolock style doors have square shaft that controls the bolt and handle is literally just pushed onto it and secured with pin. My idea was something that would control this shaft directly from inside of the door.

Different lock styles and sizes exist around the world.

Given a lack of being able to replace the lock at all the best option would be something that fits over the internal portion of the lock and when triggered unlocks it.

One solution that hasn’t been floated as far as I know is to use something like Home Assistant and an RFID reader that talks to Home Assistant, along with a lock that can be controlled from Home Assistant.

That increases the scope a fair bit as you have decoupled the reader from the lock. Home Assistant would have a simple automation that unlocked the door when a certain token is read.

Lock integrations are listed here and the Tag Scanner reads MQTT events. The examples seem to be a Tasmota connected PN532. There is also an IDTECK proximity reader integration under other.

I have the NeXt and doesn’t work with the tt lock app mine don’t read when trying to link threw app

Laxre lock installed in door, zero issues with TTLock for both my NExT and Spark 2.

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