Help me SPIN! (please)

so you may have seen my struggles already if you frequent the DT Discord server.

the short version is: for fun, i tested my xSIID’s magnetism with a little magnet. it was. but that also seemed to have spun it around, so that the LED is facing slightly inward and nowhere near as bright as before.

does anyone have advice on how to turn it back to face outward?
it had been facing perfectly outward for over a year before this happened, so i doubt it’ll just rotate back on its own.

i’ve tried:

  • massaging it in a certain direction
  • using the same small magnet as before and trying to push it. it spun to face even further inward
  • using a massive welding magnet on the inside of my hand to try and spin it the opposite direction, now assuming the magnetic side is on the opposite side of the LED

and none of it has worked so far. after mashing my palm on the welding magnet for 10 minutes it’s now facing inward, but slanted to the right rather than to the left like before.

how might one spin a chip?

Have you tried the same as above AFTER a long hot bath etc with focus on the kneading?
It may loosen up the collagen and allow you to get some rotation on the xSIID?

Google agrees ( First result )

Kneading helps to break down and realign collagen fibres by encouraging an increase in temperature. An increase in temperature occurs as blood flow is increased. Increasing temperature of collagen fibres through kneading enables them to be broken down more easily to then be realigned with the natural muscle fibres.

Dr. Pilgrim* has prescribed a bath and a massage

Enjoy your Spa day @adiev

Good luck with it

*not a doctor


i’ll give that a shot!! probably tomorrow, though, my hand hurts now.

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It sounds like it may not be the case for you, but my XSIID spins and changes brightness quite frequently, spinning on it’s own. It’s possible you just knocked it loose with the magnet and it’ll spin on it’s own now, I wouldn’t be too worried about it and would personally just wait it out a few days and see what happens.

Though, you can always try the bath and massage or keep poking at it with a magnet to try to manually spin it, since yours seems to prefer being stationary


You need one of these.

Joking/not joking.


oh interesting!! the “incident” was actually a couple days ago, but it is good to hear that spinning is a normal thing for a lot of people. thanks!

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Ahhh I remember LPL had a video using one if these

How was your spa day Adie?
any success?

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I don’t think Adie is on here very often, but she just said yesterday that her xSIID has flipped around on its own and is back to full brightness.

Magnets, man.


Yeah I think if you left an xG3 v2 diametrically magnetized magnet overtop an x-series for a while, it would magnetize the ferrite core rod just enough to give it polarity, then you could rotate the xG3 in place to rotate the x-series in kind.

OOPS yeah sorry :^)

it may have been a coincidence, but i specifically pushed on it while taking a hot shower, and the next time i scanned it it was at full brightness again. thanks for all your help!!