Hi, im new here :)

Since were talking about OTP, is the OTP capable of replacing an app like google auth which is TOTP or are the two incompatible?

That depends on how the app is written. TOTP requires a time source. I am assuming that the app is going to be able to get a current time from the host system, so in that case, yes.

@fraggersparks would be the person to ask.

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Correct. It’s TOTP standard. Time source comes from the NFC device. We reskinned Yubico’s open source authenticator and changed the AID it talks to.


Hi New Here, I’m dad.


So after all the help from all yall, im hoping to get the apex when it comes out.However i would most realistically put this in my arm which is all cool. However i would also like to have something in my hand.

So the two ive been looking at are the next and the spark2. My question is, what is the difference between these two?

I would preferably like to do card cloning which i know would be specific to the card and 2fa, which i read is probably going to have to be done a cold storage type of way. Which is fine for me. Also the url popup/ NDEF i would like but they can both do that.

So anyways, what would be the best for this use? Is there any reason to get the spark2 over the next?


That’s a good location for it, just consider if / when the Apex is approved for payments, presenting your arm to a terminal may be more difficult than a hand…

Quite a lot actually, the list of what is similar is shorter
High Frequency,NFC and ISO14443A

Otherwise, the chips and purposes are very different.

For your situation
No, I would recommend the NExT implant for your Hand and the Apex for your arm.

Thank you very much!

Actually, to be frank i dont think i would use the apex for contactless payments so that should be okay :slight_smile:

Im wondering does the spark2 have any card advantage over the next, ie it can clone more card types? or they are just basically the same? Thanks :slight_smile:

No, However they could both be used to enroll on a compatible access system, Both have unchangable HF chips and that is really where the similarity ends.

The Spark2

Your Crypto bionic Identity…What does that mean???

The NExT

2in1 implant
HF and LF
HF - NDEF datasets ( Links, business cards, text … ) Check out TagWriter and NFC tools for examples
LF - T5577 emulator chip, you can clone MOST other LF chips to it
More on the LF Chip HERE

Check out the product page for more Info

I still standby my suggestion to you, if you are going to get an Apex, there is no reason to get a Spark EXCEPT if you want one for a backup.

If I was already getting an Apex, and I had to choose between either a Spark OR a NExT Implant
I would choose the NExT every day of the week

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Okay, Thank you very much for the explanation! i think i will do that :slight_smile:

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Hey, anyone know of how to find an implanter in northwest area, uk?

Ive gone on local body mod sites but all seem to not do implants now :frowning:

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Try ksecsolutions.com. It looks like there are none in the NW of England, but Glasgow might be an option. (I’m assuming England when you say NW of the UK, Glasgow and Edinburgh are both options in Scotland)

You might want to check out the ksec’s 4th birthday thread as well


Thank you, yeah i think scotland may be too far to travel atm but i will have a look. I was wondering if anyone here does them bc i think i saw someone from north east offer?

Definitely check KSec, Coventry area has one. I can’t remember where the rest are.

I know that there are people in various spots… @Devilclarke can you help with local knowledge?

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Hey gov where you from in the UK. I’m in Bristol but thats probably worse than jumping to Scotland. There’s a few people in the UK that may be willing to help (non pros) if your comfortable with that.

All depends where you are.


Hey, im in manchester

Maybe u know someone in manc? That would be awesome

@Eyeux is sometimes around Manchester if I recall correctly.

Also @KaiCastledine may have some “off the books” suggestions / contacts for you to try

In case anyone not from the UK is confused why it makes a difference whether this is NW England or NW UK, England stops roughly half way up the island. NW UK would be Western Scotland. Manchester is more like a third of the way up the island.

This is like “the Midwest” in the US which seems to mean East of the Rockies but West of the East coast.

And don’t get me started on Texas being in the “South West”.


Yeah sorry i dont know why i didnt say england lol just brain fart

I figured if you were out near Lochgilphead you would probably have said something different. I lived in Liverpool and Warrington for 4 years so I know Manchester a little (my dad was born Middleton)

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