Hi, thinking of getting an implant and need some advice

Hi, i am a teenager (14 to be exact) and am interested in joining the bio hacking community. I was thinking of getting a implant in one hand (maybe the NExt implant). Is 14 too young to get an implant? Will it cause any problems as i am still growing, my parents know about this btw and are not against the idea. And what implant would you guys reccomend if i could get one.

Thanks in advance !! :slight_smile:

Hi @Stay_Hidden
Anyway, a lot of people on here will have different opinions on the appropriate age etc.
As long as your parents are ok and you have done your research, that’s good enough for me.

As a first implant, I would agree the NExT is a great choice, however, that really depends on what you want to achieve/ use it for…

The more info you can give us there easier it will be to point you in the right direction.
I will give you some links to look through to get you started

  • Then tell us what you would like to use it for ( Do you have any ideas?)
  • Where you would like to install it
  • who is going to do the install ( THIS is where your age may become a factor )
  • Where about in the world you are living ie down to City level ( There may a Cyborg near you to have a chat with you and your parents if they need convincing, also we may be able to direct you to a piercer that could do your install )

What chip
How to
Where to

This is a approved partner installer map, not 100% accurate at the moment, but will give you an idea
I gave some similar advice to a young guy while ago
HERE is the link to that thread

We can provide you some other resources when you come back, but that should be enough to get you started…

Good luck with your research

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hi!!!, thanks for replying. The things i would probably want to do with the chip could be:
–using it as a password alternative (vivokey)
–using it to unlock a door lock (will have to research what is compatible)
–and maybe use it to take someones phone to a certain url (like a rick roll vid or something, very mature i know)

I would love to use the chip for con tactless payments however i know this technology isn’t supported by Visa yet (which chip is likely to work in the future??) As well as this my school uses a id card system for it’s students to sign in to lessons at sign in station, i have no clue atm what sort of tech they use but it would be cool to use the implant.

I don’t really mind where or who it is installed by, as long as it is not too far away and the person has some experience and knows what they are doing. (i won’t specify my location but let’s say there is a red pin guy in the closest town to me)

I am living in the uk and live in the round about the county of Shropshire btw :+1:

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2 active members on here are from the UK ( One in Bristol One in Kent ) so not particularly close, However Dangerous things have a partner @KaiCastledine
Which will be a very good local contact for you.
Products and knowledge plus they may have some good local piercing contacts for you.
They also have a partner map I believe.

Vivokey Apex products, yet to be released, but it is happening. Payment is only one feature it is capable of, it is a very powerful chip, the payment side of it will not be on release, but it will be capable of it ( Fitted for but not with )

A quick test is to download NFC app to read your school card

Turn on NFC on your phone
Remove cover if you have one
Have your screen on
scan your card with the app
You are looking for a successful read and the chip type…
IT MAY NOT WORK, if to doesn’t work then it probably means your school is using a Low-Frequency system, and the DT LF chips are an emulator chip capable of many different modes… Without some more info or a reader, it would be hard to tell just yet.
Does your card have any manufacturing markings on it, do you know what the reader looks like etc Photos etc?

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Whats up! I’m one of the 2 from the UK (England, Bristol) welcome to the forum!

Your 14 at least you have an excuse, I’m 25 and my xSIID forwards people to Rick Astly …

Oh my god someone who guenuinly did do there homework! School pun intended, you would be amazed the number of times that gets asked!

If your interested in payments go over here and fill in the survey at the top.

As @Pilgrimsmaster said try scanning the card with your phone and we can look at helping you further, obviously this relies on your phone having NFC.

Not at all, I would treat it the same as a piercing and that your parents are happy to agree to it. The only problem MAY be installers as most piercers I’ve ever spoken to won’t do anything (other than earlobes) until your 16 but the only way to find out is by asking!

We CANNOT offer medical advice, that being said the common places to have chip installed will grow proportionally (ie all parts grow not just some) position 0 for example will grow with the rest of your hand and thus the chip should stay in the same place relative to everything elseso its a safe bet they will be fine.

If you haven’t already dig around the Wiki and project sections and have a good read! Chances are you’ll get a flood of ideas. Once you’ve settled on atleast one project we can better aid you with your questions.

Here is the ksec installers map, i personally have had an install buy Lou at twisted monkey. He was amazing and really quick!


Just a heads up that this will only be useful on Android! If you’re on iOS you can only see tags with NDEF records, so most of the common access cards won’t read any data at all.

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I know you didn’t mean to, but you describe credit card companies so well :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum!

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Because of you age, depending on how you install it (doing it yourself or going to a piercer/partner) and where your located, you may find it difficult to find a place that will install it for you, i live in the uk and as of writing this im 17 and have been interested since i was 15, and ive had no luck at finding a place to do it, ive contacted many piercers and the official partners however none will do it unless you 18.

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Welcome back @anon4992657, bummer you have had no luck with piercers.
Have you self installed or are you still waiting?

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@Pilgrimsmaster, hi, been busy at school and all that so haven’t been on here a while, i havnt self implanted yet, mainly cos knowing me id mess it up but might consider it since uno we’ve all got time now, but yh but like no piercers will do as in the uk, if it messes up then they can lose their license.


Mine goes to omfgdogs.com :rofl:

Although I think I’ll make a webpage with like a “If this human is found please contact his owner Bella. Responds to Meyow.”


Hey there, glad to see that im not alone in trying to get an implant under 18. My story is not quite as fortunate, parents arent fond of the idea, i have no partners nearby, im broke with college next year…
Anyway, If your parents are on board I say go for it. NeXT is a great general purpose one to start with (My plan is a next and an Apex when they come out) since it can do both high and low frequency stuff. I wish you butter luck on your journey than i had on mine!


Thanks once more for the reply, i was able to scan my School Id Tag with a Nfc Tag with a reader on my phone, As i don’t know what parts of much of the information it gave me is useful for you all, i will just list as much has i can
-TAG TYPE = ISO 14445-3A

  • Technologies available = Nfca, MifareClassic, NdefFormatable
  • Memory Information = 1kBytes

(please tell me if guys need some more of the cards specs) :+1:

As what the card readers look like, i can only describe to you as i can’t find any pictures of them online. They are basically a smallish white box on the wall with a black square, a keypad and a small lcd screen (which says who has signed in).


That looks promising, for a couple of options.
Looks to be a mifare classic, lets just confirm a couple more things before getting excited. We need to make sure it is a 4 byte id rather than a 7 byte

Is the ID something like

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Sounds like a mifare classic 1k.
They are HF chips that may be able to be cloned onto the M1 line of DT implants.

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Post removed for security reasons

It has a 7 byte ID…Bummer

Anyway, below FYI

If it has a 7 byte UID ( NUID ) you are likely out of luck
If it has a 4 byte UID ( NUID )
these are your options


Some more reading for you but the abridged version:-

xM1 an xSeries implant, syringe install need equipment to write to it
FlexM1 a Flex series implant, special needle or a scalpel install, better range. 2 generations, gen1 needs equipment to write to it gen2a can write to it with your phone.

Any of those will work at your school and also specific locks.
You will probably find them often at hotels and the like

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A thought just occurred to me, it would likely depend what the reader is looking for. Weigand for example is usually 26bits (<4 bytes) and readers have to truncate the rest. Not sure if that would be the case here, the readers sound more fancy than that. Or it could not use the NUID.

In short, there’s still a chance if you’re willing to mess around but you can’t completely clone the card so it probably won’t work.

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ahhh, that is a shame but i guess their are still many other things i can do with the impnat. If i were to contact my school’s IT team, would they be able to make the system compatible with a 4 byte chip (i have no clue if this would require like a minor change or a whole school system change) if it’s the latter i think we know to give up then.

It’s likely already supported. They’d just have to enroll the card instead of trying to clone an existing one. Not a guarantee but a decent chance.

Nice, should i contact my school IT team to see if they could enrol a card before deciding which implant to get?